A New Addition

Grant Skaggs, Sports Editor

Kicking and screaming.

Star soccer player Christian Foster has now joined the Bullitt East football team.

Foster will play as a kicker this upcoming Friday vs. Shelby County. She will replace Jarrett O’ Neil, as he will be in a soccer tournament the same day. As she takes the football field, her soccer scholarship may be in jeopardy.

The interest started last week around powderpuff practice. She was messing around kicking extra points when a couple girls told her she should play for the football team. After talking with Coach Sander, it was a true possibility. After getting approval from Head Coach of the soccer team, Steve Gentry, Sander made it official.

Foster said, “I wanted to try to kick for the football team last year, but I didn’t think it would be possible with playing soccer here and all the stuff I do in school anyways. They also had Jalin Troutman who was great, so I didn’t believe I would ever play.”

Previous starting kicker, O’Neil, will be absent from this Friday’s football game as he will play in a soccer match in Barren County. Foster will take his place on kickoff, extra point, and field goal opportunities. Foster has been practicing with the team now for the past week leading up to this game. Foster looks to have this move be permanent. She will participate the rest of the season and battle O’Neil for the starting spot.

At the moment, Foster, is verbally committed to Eastern Kentucky University on a full ride. So there may be some controversy to exactly why she would risk that opportunity to kick for the team. Of course, regarding to possible injury.

Foster said, “ A lot of people ask me what if I get tackled, and I just say well I’ll just have to deal with it. If it happens, it happens. I’m not going to go out there scared.
As far as her scholarship goes, Foster is not worried about it being interfered with.

Coach Sander’s comments coming soon.