Bullitt East Boys Take on Volleyball


Senior Marley Michel goes up for a kill while warming up for the match.

Morgan Renneisen, Staff Writer

Can you dig it?

The Bullitt East volleyball team continues the tradition of rocketball for the 2017 season.

Rocketball is a yearly activity that the girls volleyball team works hard to organize. Boys sign up to practice and eventually participate in a tournament where they compete against other grades and even teachers. It’s a very unique and fun way to stay involved and have fun while doing it.

Senior, Marley Michel has been a long time supporter of the volleyball team and has a strong passion for the sport. “I have always been interested in the game of volleyball and so getting the chance to play it was a really good opportunity,” said Michel.

Michel has mixed feelings about this being his last year participating in the rocketball games, he describes the experience as bittersweet.  “It’s bitter because it’s my last year and I’m going to really miss this sport and miss the people that I played against, that I played with and everything like that,” said Michel.  Michel regrets not playing his freshman year and says that the younger guys need to just get through the first year and stay with it.

Freshman, Aeron Adams says that rocketball is very fun to be a part of and their team would really struggle if it wasn’t for the coaches. “The volleyball players had a good impact on us because they helped us stay positive,” said Adams. Adams hopes to continue participating in rocketball the next three years of his high school career.

In the end, the juniors took the win over the freshman and the seniors narrowly defeated the sophomores. There was a consolation game for the freshman and sophomores to compete for third place in which the sophomores won. As for the winning teams, the juniors and seniors battled it out to see who would play the teachers. The seniors ended up beating the juniors easily. They then advanced to the teacher game where they defeated the teachers in a close 3 set match.