The Start of a New Season of Chargers Cheerleading


The official senior cheerleaders for the new season. Picture taken by Skylar Baker.

Lilly Whitley, Copy editor

Charging up for a new season.

Tryouts for the upcoming 2018-19 cheer team took place last week.

This season includes even more girls and talent than last. Preparation for the new season is already taking place. Many people are excited to see what the cheerleaders are going to bring to the mat this year.

Several girls tried out for the cheer team this year. Forty-two girls tried out and out of that, they kept thirty-eight. Tryouts were very competitive not only because of the amount of girls, but the huge amount of talent. “I think tryouts were very competitive because we didn’t lose as many seniors as last year. There were really only five spots to fill with three seniors leaving and two not coming back,” said senior Summer Barr.

Preparation for the season starts in the summer at the gym where the cheerleaders practice at, Bullitt Athletics. The cheerleaders do CrossFit-like workouts in order to get them ready for the difficult routine they will learn and perform in the upcoming months. “We’re going to try to integrate the CrossFit-like workouts into practice this summer. There will be a lot more conditioning and a lot more strength building,” said coach Nate Fulghum.

This year’s tryouts were different from last year mainly because of the competitiveness. “It was a lot harder this year to make choices. Last year we felt like there was an obvious cutoff point and this year we felt like that wasn’t as obvious. We have several people that can fill several roles which makes picking a team more complicated,” said Fulghum.

Coaches and cheerleaders are all excited to see what this new season has in store for the team.