Season Recap: Boys Soccer

Bullitt East Chargers Soccer Logo

Bullitt East Chargers Soccer Logo

Jaydrien Jarrett, Staff Writer

Going into districts with high hopes.

The team finished their regular season with a record of 13-5-1.

The boys soccer team had an exceptional regular season before heading into districts. With only five losses the team looks to make an impact. The season consisted of many dominating games played by the varsity team.

Starting off the season with a loss to North Hardin is not the way the team wanted to kick off the year. North Hardin scored the first five goals of the game leaving the score at halftime 0-5. A comeback in the second half was not successful only scoring one goal. The final score was 1-9.

The second game of the season saw Henry County losing. Henry County scored the first goal of the game, but East came back and scored three before Henry County could get another goal. The final score of the game was 5-3, setting the record for the season at 1-1.

During the Bullitt Cup, East faced off against North Bullitt and Bullitt Central. The first game against North ended with the Chargers winning with a final score of 6-2. This added another win onto the regular season record making it 2-1. The game against Bullitt Central was tightly contested throughout with the score being 2-2 throughout most of the second half. The team still pulled through winning with a score of 4-2. The team also was awarded as the Bullitt Cup winner.

The fifth game of the season saw a matchup against Taylor County. Going into the game Taylor County was ranked higher. Taylor County scored the first goal of the game. The score at the half saw the team up by one. After scoring another goal in the second half by Will Elder the final score was 3-1. Makin the season record 4-1.

Fort Knox was the next matchup for the season. Will Elder scored the first goal of the game and eight more goals were scored by halftime. Goals were made by Evan Wright, Justin Campbell, Joseph Osbourne, Zak Perdew, Nate Hampton, Ethan Anderson and another goal by Evan Wright. The team would go on to score once more in the second half ending the game 10-0. This win made the regular season record 5-1.

The seventh game of the season was against Fern Creek. With neither team able to score in the first half it was looking like it was going to be a tightly contested game. Fern Creek scored out of the half and ended up with three goals in the second, The team ended up losing 3-1. This loss put them at 5-2.

Moore was the next opponent for the season. After ending the first half 3-2 the game was looking promising for the Chargers. Towards the end of the game it was close at 5-4 and Moore was able to tie the game. This marked the first tie of the season. The record at this point is 5-2-1.

The ninth game of the season was against Nelson County. After Nelson County scoring the first three goals of the game, East was able to score right before the half. A comeback was unsuccessful though leaving the team with another loss. The team then faced off against Whitefield Academy. A dominating game showed a win of 10-0 making the season record 6-3-1.

The next game was against North Bullitt. Scoring the first and only five goals of the half the team dominated. The team finished with another 10-0 game and adding another win to the record. A couple of days later the team faced Muhlenberg County winning 7-1, setting the season record to 9-3-1.

The next game was against Hopkins Central which saw the team winning 7-0 in a well played game. Three days later the team faced Jeffersontown. The score was 4-1 at the half. Jeffersontown failed to make a comeback in the second half which gave the Chargers a win of 8-2. This marked their 11 win and Head Coach Mike Brangers’ 150 win as head coach.

The team would go on to face Butler and Greenwood for King of the Bluegrass. A loss of 0-7 would occur against Butler. The team would also go to lose against Greenwood 1-4. This put to losses onto the season record making them 11-5-1.

Spencer County was the opponent for senior night which featured seniors Will Elder, Justin Campbell and Carter Echols. East ended the first half 1-0. Spencer County scored once in the second half but still failed to win. The final score was 3-1.

The final game of the season was against LaRue County. East scored the first three goals of the game and the score was 3-2 at the half. The team would go on to score two more times to end the game 5-2. This Ended the teams regular season 13-5-1.