The Opening of KFC Sparks Doubt About Its Success


Madleine Myers

A third KFC is attempted in Mount Washington, with its opening having been on Dec. 5. Its different location than the two previous ones was planned in hopes that this location would be the solution to traditional KFC failures in Mount Washington, but the two other KFCs most likely failed due to a lower population then. "I would assume it would have a different outcome because we are more heavily populated now. There's more neighborhoods coming in. I think we have a larger need to have more restaurants just to be able to support the growing population in the area. It should do better," said local citizen Kat Poole.

Madeline Myers, Copy Editor

The third time must be a charm for the new KFC in Mount Washington.

After two KFCs in Mount Washington failed to stay in business, with one being closed down about a decade ago, a third one has recently been implemented in a nearby location with the intent to reap a more successful outcome.

On its opening day of Dec. 5 as well as the days that followed, the quality of service of the restaurant has already proven to be very adequate. Local citizens appear to be excited about the addition of this KFC despite them not having helped generate enough business for two prior KFCS in locations close by. Because of the superior quality of service and the variety of food for the city this KFC offers, it is predicted to stay in business for a long time.

With Mount Washington rapidly growing in recent years, as shown from its population increasing by over 5,000 people in a decade, another restaurant would be beneficial to support the higher amount of people. When the past KFCs were still in business, the smaller population at the time likely contributed to their failure rather than their location. A restaurant with chicken as its main item provides a wider variety of foods for local citizens to eat as there are no other chicken-oriented restaurants in the city. The only nearby chicken restaurants are KFC in Shepherdsville and Chick-fil-A in Fern Creek, so having a closer chicken restaurant should be much more convenient for local citizens than having to drive longer distances to obtain such food. In general, the amount of restaurants in Mount Washington is relatively limited. Adding a KFC gives local citizens not only another type of food to choose from but the opportunity to embrace a different eating atmosphere and quality of service.

“I’m excited for it because I like the opportunity for other places to eat because we’ve normally been pretty limited,” said local citizen Kat Poole, who went to KFC the day after it opened. Due to her receiving an impressive quality of service despite how busy the restaurant was along with KFC being her daughter’s favorite restaurant, Poole plans to take advantage of this newly added restaurant. She predicts this KFC to fare successful over a long period of time because of the ever-so-increasing population’s need for a new restaurant as well as the distinguished quality of service that employees provided her, which may eventually create competition among nearby restaurants that have been popularly criticized by local citizens for their unbearably slow service.

In contrast to how Poole has often received very poor service from KFC’s neighbor, McDonald’s, in not only its speed of delivering food but the lack of communication with their customers, the employees of KFC explained the delays for the delivery of food to their customers. They claimed that the staff was very busy while also being new at the job, but even with such circumstances, these were only minor delays and the food was being prepared at an overall suitable rate. Nonetheless, the customers were tolerant of the delays and respected the employees addressing the problem to their customers, which isn’t commonly seen in other nearby restaurants. If the employees continue to do this, customers will probably feel much more inclined to go there, and it would very possibly create competition with nearby restaurants, but McDonald’s especially, as many local citizens have become disfavored with this McDonald’s due to its abnormally slow service.

“[They had] really good service, especially considering how busy they were. Everyone was moving as fast as they could. They were patient. They explained the delays. They tried to make it as easy on the customers as possible. I think most of the customers in there were understanding just the same,” said Poole.