Volleyball Won’t Be Setback


Montrell Page

Junior Emily Popplewell passes the ball over the net. The Lady Chargers won this game against Bardstown High School. Senior Halle Key said, “It felt great to win the first home game. The student section really showed out tonight, so I hope it’s like this every home game.”

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

Volleyball season has been served.

The Lady Chargers played their first two regular season games last week.

The Lady Chargers started off the season with a win. The next game was a hard loss. The team is not giving up.

The girls defeated the Bardstown Tigers last Thursday, Aug. 22. At the end of the first set the score was 25-16 with senior Halle Key spiking the ball over the net for the winning point.

The Tigers led the next set, but the Lady Chargers worked their way back up. The score was tied at 19-19 after Key tipped the ball over the net. From then on the race to 25 points was back and forth. With the score 24-23 Chargers, senior Morgan Renneisen served an Ace (a serve that lands on the opponent’s side of the court without being touched) over the net, winning the second set.

With the next set approaching, the Lady Chargers knew that if they could win then the match would be over (they play the best 3 out of 5).

The third set started off with the Tigers leading, but the Lady Chargers were not far behind. With the score being 11-10 East, junior Emily Popplewell served until the score was 13-10 East. Senior Julia Kromenacker setted the ball up for Senior Taylor Clemens to spike the ball, making the score 15-12. The Lady Chargers continued to lead the set and with one more point to win the match, Renneisen served an ace to end the score in 25-16. The Lady Chargers won the match 3-0. Renneisen said, “Serving is my favorite and getting an Ace is one of the greatest feelings in volleyball.”

The next night Friday, Aug. 23, the team traveled to Breckinridge Co. The team fell to Breckinridge 3-0, not winning a single set. Senior Carly Morris said, “I thought the game was overall a good learning experience. They were a tough team and definitely gave us some good competition. And while we didn’t win, I think we played really well. Liz (senior Elizabeth Smith) almost got a concussion diving for a ball and the bruise on her eye shows how dedicated she is. We all hustled.”

Morris said, “We know that you can’t win every game. And that’s okay. But now, we’ll just have to practice harder this week and fix our mistakes so we’re prepared to play Bullitt Central on Thursday.” The team knows that they are going to have rough games, but it’s how you persevere and bounce back that matters.

The Lady Chargers will take on the Bullitt Central Cougars this Thursday, Aug. 29 at home. Varsity will start at 7:30 p.m.