Girls Soccer Comes To an End

Alex Elhilow, Emi Richardson, Sierra Carner, Staff Writer

After losing the regional final, girls soccer comes to an end.


The girls lost to Mercy Oct. 22. The team was practically all new players this season, leaving room for improvement. Now, with the seniors going off, they express their feelings for their last high school soccer season.


Sophomore Klaire Hourigan feels that this season was a struggle. The team had to get used to losing and adapt to new regulations. Bullitt East was not able to win districts or regions, after losing both games against Mercy. “I think if corona wasn’t around, we would have gotten better training if it wasn’t for social distancing in the beginning of the season,” said Hourigan.


Sophomore Sydney Hughes feels that the seasons had lots of highs and lows. Hughes was able to move from mid-field to defense. The team didn’t click very well in the beginning of the season because not everyone knew each other, with so many new players. The team was already built of good individual players, but as the season progressed, they were able to become better and stronger as a team. “The best thing that happened to me during the season was when my practice paid off and I started making shots from the 18 yard box. After practicing hard we (the team) finally started to pass each other more,” said Hughes. The team was able to grow a bond on and off the field from the beginning of the season to the end.


The team made lots of improvement. They all changed throughout the season. From inexperience, to growing together. “The best best thing that happened for me during the season was probably just improving as a player as well as watching my teammates grow,” said junior Emma Wright. “Our highs as a team came from the games when we worked together, communicated, and had fun,” said Wright. It goes to show that even with little practice, when they put in effort, they are able to grow.


The newer varsity players even made a big difference for the team. After losing a lot of players due to them being seniors last year, there were a lot of new varsity players. “I am most proud of how our newer varsity players took their roles seriously and weren’t afraid to step up for the team,” said team captain senior Sara Hughes.


With a young team, they were still able to quickly get better. “For this team as a whole, the best thing was improvement. We may have not won districts or regionals but we’re such a young team and improved greatly,” said Hourigan. The players can agree that they have majorly improved since the beginning of the season.


The seniors have made so many improvements and memories during their multiple years of soccer for Bullitt East. “The most memorable moment is winning regionals for the first time my sophomore year, even though we didn’t win the next game in state, it was still unforgettable,” said Sara Hughes.. 


As the season ended, the seniors made some of their last memories in high school soccer. “I will definitely miss seeing my friends and coaches everyday, they are a big part of who I am today,” said Sara Hughes.