Hybrid Schedule: Good or Bad?


Above the new hybrid schedule is picture. It is easily colored and shows a key to know when group “A” students need to be in person and when group “B” needs to present as well. If there are any questions about the schedule, teachers and administrators are available for answers.

Ella Olds

Back and better than ever, or so we thought. 

As students come back to in person school on a hybrid schedule, every student has their own opinion on how the year and new schedule is going. 

Jan. 19 was the first day of the hybrid schedule, beginning with “A” students. “A” students attend school on Monday and Tuesday. “B” students attend school on Thursday and Friday, leaving Wednesday as a virtual day for everybody. Everyone, including teachers aren’t at school on Wednesday so the school is able to be cleaned and sanitized. The school used a computer program to randomly sort the “A” and “B” students, attempting to lower class size by splitting them in half but still keeping siblings together in the same group. On the days that students are not in school but the other group is, they are expected to complete that day’s schoolwork and depending on the teacher, get on Zoom to tune into the class. For “A” students they would be at home, doing virtual school on Wed., Thurs., and Fri. For “B” students they will be virtually doing school Mon., Tues., and Wed. This schedule might seem a little complicated for some and arises differing opinions around the school. 

Out of a poll conducted on the Livewire Instagram account (@belivewire), 42 out of the 61 students that voted, said that they liked the new hybrid schedule. Junior Kara Brainer believes it helps her with her school work being back in person. “Pros are definitely that we’re back in person and it’s a start to being fully back in person. It helps me learn a lot better and I’m more confident when it comes to quizzes and tests,” Brainer said. But there are some students who are still trying to find something good about the new hybrid schedule. 

Senior Ian Anderson is very adamant about the risks being back in school poses, although he enjoys the little bit of normalness being back in school gives him. “I dislike it because nobody talks all day. Everyone is just so lifeless and silent. With the exception of one or two classes, in person school is the exact same as doing it at home. Except now, you’re risking catching a virus. In-person school would be much more worth it if students participated in class, and if it was somewhat different than just regular online school. Most classes are just silent with students on their chromebook all period. I will say though; It is nice being back in the BEHS environment, and seeing all my teachers again,” Anderson said.

In her last year of high school, Roby wishes we could get back to normal but realizes there are risks involved. When asked if she preferred the hybrid schedule, 100% back in person, or all online she responded, “I think if you asked any senior this question they would say 100% back in school to get the senior experience, so I guess that would be my choice but also I believe it’s not safe enough for everyone to return. Any choice is not going to please everyone and it’s a hard decision to make. I just hope we can come together and try to get this over with quicker so other students get back to normal within the next couple of school years.”

Most everyone’s goal is to see all the students back in person at school, but safely. Due to the pandemic, the hybrid schedule is the schools best option to prevent the spread. Sooner than later, we will be back fully and healthy.