Tough Loss to Male

Kylie Huber, Staff Writer

The Chargers football team lost to the Louisville Male Bulldogs Friday, Oct. 22. Final score was 55-14, Bulldogs. 

The Chargers started the first half strong and had some big plays that Male couldn’t stop. “I’m super proud of the way we played the first half, you know, Male is a top program, not just in the state of Kentucky , they’re a top program nationwide. Their team is ranked in the nation and we came out and we played really well. We didn’t show any intimidation or anything like that in the first half,” Coach Tyler Facuett said.

During the second half, the Chargers made a couple mistakes that they just weren’t able to bounce back from  , eventually, giving the game away. 

 Sophomore Isaiah Hare was recognized by Jason Frakes, a high school sports writer for the Courier Journal for getting his seventh sack of the season against Male’s quarterback.  Juniors Travis Egan, Mason Gauthier, Nolan Davenport, Camron Brogan  and Bryce Hoover were also mentioned during the game. 

The Red Zone had a great turnout for the game and players say it really made the atmosphere supportive. 

The Chargers hope to come back from this game, take the positives away from it and use it as a learning experience. Their goal is to be better prepared and hopefully get another chance against them in the playoffs. 

Their next game is at Oldham County High School. They will play the Colonels at 7:30, Oct. 29.