Another Win For The Chargers


Braylen Ferrell

Senior safety Ryan Still celebrating after a block on 4th down.

Braylen Ferrell and Cooper Bass

All we do is win, win, win.

After their win against Meade County, the Chargers continue their winning streak this season. 

The team’s confident attitude pre-game proved to be true during the game with exceptional execution both offensively and defensively. The sizable win against the Green Waves didn’t come without its hardships. Looking at the next game of the season, the Chargers are looking optimistic. 

“Our expectations were to take what they give us and just have our offense running smoothly and to stop them. Just to play a good, sound game because they’re a good team. And that’s what we need to do to be,” quarterback Travis Eagan said. Confidence was high after their latest Bullitt Cup win. This boost, along with a narrow goal, allowed them to execute the blowout win. 

“We were feeling good. We knew that it was a game that we should win. And just off film, we knew to take what they gave us. And to just play our game,” wide receiver Camron Brogan said. The team was able to play to their strengths, which made for quick work against the Green Waves. 

In this win, players were able to capitalize on opportunities they wouldn’t normally have in other games.“That was really exciting [catching an interception]. We have a special package where we got our best handling team. Of course, I’m in that. So yeah, it always feels good to catch another ball from another quarterback.” Egan said. A quarterback intercepting a quarterback isn’t something that happens in your traditional football game, so these types of plays are ones to remember. 

Certain Charger plays made the Green Waves, fans, and videographers alike, struggle to find the ball. “Trick plays are always fun. Always fun to practice but trick plays can really help you at the end of the game when you need it. That’s why I like them,” Brogan said. These kinds of plays can allow for an impressive series of plays, and leave the audience in awe. 

A blowout doesn’t go without its ups and downs. “That’s [penalty yards] a big deal we’re facing right now. We need to cut that out if we’re gonna go anywhere because I think we had 110 yards of penalty, so that’s negative 110 yards. That’s always something to reflect on and we need to get that cleaned out,” Egan said. With this trend continuing from the last game, it’s an issue the team is jumping on. 

“Danville is a pretty good team. We just know how to play our game. And everything should go well. And to just contain their speed. They’re a really fast team,” Brogan said. Looking at Friday’s homecoming game against Danville, the team is prepared for one of their tougher opponents.