Getting Better and Better with Each Competition


Natalie McGarry

The marching band members prepare for their next competition. The band practiced throughout the week for the next performance. “I think we can do a lot better than we’re doing right now,” senior colorgaurd member Skylar Braden said.

Natalie McGarry, Editor-in-Chief

Third times a charm.

The marching band had their third competition at Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP) High School on Sept. 24. 

The band placed third in their class at the competition. Their score has gone up from the past shows. This competition was much shorter than the others but the band can still use the experience to improve before the next competition. 

Although the band placed third in their class at the competition again, their total points continue to rise. “We’re still early in the year but it’s disappointing when you keep placing third, even if your score has gotten better,” senior color guard member, Skylar Braden said. The band moved up a class from last season which means they’re competing against bigger bands every competition. They hope to start bringing home bigger trophies once they get comfortable in their new class.

A band is scored on many different things throughout their performance such as being on time, their balance and blend of different instrument sounds and their movement as a whole. These categories all add up to the final score. “Our scores are little different than last year. We definitely struggled with our score last year because we were so small but this year, we’re definitely doing way better,” Braden said.

Band competitions usually start in the afternoon and don’t end until very late at night. Performing late at night, under the stadium lights are the favored times for the band to perform. “Just being under the lights is the best. We would rather perform later than earlier, it just makes the band feel better. We tried our best with what we could do at PRP but we had to perform earlier, which isn’t our favorite,” Braden said. 

The band’s next football game performance will be Sept. 30 and their next competition performance will be Oct. 1.