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There are over 460 Whole Foods locations worldwide. Whole Foods Market in Evanston on July 21, 2007 (CC BY-CC).

There are over 460 Whole Foods locations worldwide. Whole Foods Market in Evanston on July 21, 2007 (CC BY-CC).

There are over 460 Whole Foods locations worldwide. Whole Foods Market in Evanston on July 21, 2007 (CC BY-CC).

Olivia Armstrong, Copy Editor

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Whole Foods is experiencing a whole new reboot.

Whole Foods will be undergoing some big changes as the health supermarket gets taken under Amazon’s wing.

Both Amazon and Whole Foods will be taking steps forward as Amazon successfully buys out Whole Foods. This buy out reaps a multitude of benefits for customers and is inspiring locals to shop more at the supermarket. Amazon has many tricks up its sleeve in the coming months for what the future of Whole Foods will entail.

In June of this year, the multibillion dollar industry of Amazon and the American supermarket chain Whole Foods announced a monumental business merge. Amazon, currently estimated to be worth 500 billion dollars, made public that they were buying out Whole Foods for a whopping 13.7 billion dollars.

Whole Foods is a grocery store known for it’s healthy options. The chain promises no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats in their products. However, with that promise comes a price, literally. Whole Foods is infamous for its high pricing on everyday items from produce to toiletries. Back in 2015, Whole Foods was accused of “systematic overcharging for pre-packaged foods” by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs. The chain apologized, saying it wasn’t an intentional act.

On August 28, Whole Foods was officially made part of Amazon. When the official merge was announced, stocks plummeted for other chain grocery stores. Kroger, Sprouts and SuperValu were among the many to fall. Sprouts experienced an almost ten percent drop, Target only one percent.

Stocks weren’t the only thing dropping upon merging. Amazon took a big step forward for consumers, even on the first day of officiality. The business cut prices as much as 43 percent on products all across the store. Among some of the price drops were bananas, going from .99 cents per pound to .69 cents, salmon filets down 33 percent from $14.99 to $9.99 per pound and avocados dropping 29 percent.

Here at Bullitt East, students are drawn in by this news. In a recent poll, 65 percent of students surveyed said that they could see themselves checking out Whole Foods in the future in result to the dramatic drop in prices. “Who doesn’t like cheap food, especially if it’s healthy cheap food,” said senior Ashlee Green.

This is also good news for any Bullitt East student in a culinary class. Although there are strict guidelines to follow about shopping for materials in these classes, culinary teacher Katy Kendrick keeps an open mind. “I would love to integrate products from Whole Foods into the Culinary classes,” said Kendrick.

In addition to price dropping now, Amazon is also looking to extend even more deals to Amazon Prime members in the future. “Prime members will receive special savings and in-store benefits,” said Amazon in a press release.

The company is also experimenting with Amazon Fresh, which allows customers to purchase their groceries online, with a multitude of Whole Foods products recently added.

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