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NCAA Bubble 2018

T.C. Etherton, Staff Writer

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Whose bubble will burst?

The NCAA selection Sunday is coming up and there are many teams that could be in or out. These teams are called the “bubble teams.” Fans of these teams will have to sweat it out during the selection show.

This season, there are more bubble teams than there have ever been before. So get comfy, because we’re gonna go through them all.

Here are my opinions and predictions.


Florida State Seminoles (20-11)
Good Wins: Clemson, UNC, Miami, Virginia Tech, Florida
Bad Losses: Wake Forest
Summary: The Seminoles have been very inconsistent this season, losing to some mediocre teams, which has made them fall to the bubble. That being said, they have been able to capture enough quality wins to get them in.
In/Out: In

Louisville Cardinals (20-13)
Good Wins: Virginia Tech x2
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: Louisville has been the definition of mediocre this season. They have never lost to a team that isn’t at least in the bubble conversation, and also have played good teams to the last second(sometimes .9 seconds). But a quality win is the only thing the Cards lack (a moral win against Virginia, if you’ll count that), but I believe they should be able to slide in.
In/Out: In

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (20-14)
Good Wins: Wichita St.
Bad Losses: Ball State, Indiana, Georgia Tech
Summary: Norte Dame lacks a quality win other than that of Wichita St. which now only seems decent, and that was back in November. They do have the injuries excuse for some of their losses, but not their worst ones (Ball State & Indiana). They find themselves in a situation very situation to that of Louisville, but their losses really hurt their chances.
In/Out: Out

Syracuse Orange (20-13)
Good Wins: Clemson, Miami
Bad Losses: Wake Forest, Georgia Tech
Summary: The Orange have shown that they can play with the best at points this season, but they also have shown they can drop what should be easy-wins as well. They’re certainly third of the ACC teams on the bubble, and with that being said, it’s hard to see them make it in without Louisville AND Notre Dame making it in as well (which won’t happen).
In/Out: Out

Boston College Eagles (19-15)
Good Wins: Duke, Miami, NC State
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: The Eagles have certainly made a name for themselves in a year where they weren’t thought of to do anything. With a win against Duke and some quality wins over ACC teams, it’s hard to believe that they won’t be dancing. But having 15 losses (although none are bad per say) really makes it seem as if they’ll be overlooked by the committee.
In/Out: Out

BIG 12

Texas Longhorns (19-14)
Good Wins: West Virginia
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: Their situation is very similar to that of Louisville, but what’s different is a quality win over WVU. Their losses are all to solid teams, I feel like they get in.
In/Out: In

Oklahoma State Cowboys (19-14)
Good Wins: Kansas x2 ,Texas Tech, West Virginia
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: The Cowboys have picked up a few things that a lot of these other teams haven’t: some good wins over good teams. The Cowboys have dropped some games to the mediocre teams in and out of their conference which is the only reason that they’re in question, but I feel the pros outweigh the cons for this team.
In/Out: In

Oklahoma Sooners (18-13)
Good Wins: Wichita St., Texas Tech, Kansas
Bad Losses: Iowa St.
Summary: The fall off of Oklahoma was crazy. They started hot, even being #3 in the country at one point, mostly because of crazy point guard Trae Young. But as Trae came back down to the Earth, his team fell hard, losing 12 of their last 15 games. Only reason they would make it, is because of Trae Young,
In/Out: Out

Baylor Bears (18-14)
Good Wins: Texas Tech, Kansas
Bad Losses: Iowa St.
Summary: The Bears are a mediocre team in a good conference, which makes them resemble BC in many respects. Both have a very high quality win and at least one other good one. But, similar to BC, they’ll be overlooked because they lost so many games to mediocre teams, and aren’t even the second or third best team from their conference to be on the bubble.
In/Out: Out

BIG 10

Penn State Nittany Lions (21-13)
Good Wins: Ohio St. x3
Bad Losses: Rider, Indiana,
Summary: Penn State has been mediocre all season long, never being able to get consistent wins other than when they’re playing Ohio St. , of course. But losses to both Rider and Indiana really hurt their chances, especially with other power conference teams having better resumes.
In/Out: Out

Nebraska Huskers (22-10)
Good Wins: Michigan
Bad Losses: St. John’s
Summary: Nebraska was mediocre this year in a good conference, which is sometimes good enough to get in, especially in the Big 10… but only having one quality win makes it hard for them to get in in a year that the bubble is so packed.
In/Out: Out


Arizona State Sun Devils (20-11)
Good Wins: Xavier, Kansas
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: Arizona State looked very solid in the beginning of the season, even being ranked #3 overall seed at some point. They have wins over two #1 seeds in the tournament which I think gets them in, although they struggled against mediocre teams through the end of the season.
In/Out: In

UCLA Bruins (21-10)
Good Wins: Kentucky, Arizona
Bad Losses: Colorado
Summary: UCLA makes an interesting case for the tourney, being a back and forth team all season. But they were a top 4 team in their conference and were able to snag two quality wins in the season, and being bounced by Arizona in their conference tourney doesn’t exactly hurt them.
In/Out: In

USC Trojans (22-10)
Good Wins: N/A
Bad Losses: Princeton
Summary: USC has been pretty consistent with their play, being able to beat all the bad teams in their conference, but did drop a few to the decent ones. They resemble that of Louisville/Texas, but they have something those teams don’t, a double digit loss to Princeton, that being said, being the second best team in the PAC-12 and making it to the conference title game probably gets them in.
In/Out: In

Oregon Ducks (22-11)
Good Wins: Arizona
Bad Losses: Uconn, Oregon St., Washington St.
Summary: Oregon was able to get a resume boosting win over Arizona, but they have a string of bad losses, and being that they’re probably the fourth string PAC-12 team, I find it hard to believe they’ll be dancing.
In/Out: Out

Utah Utes (19-11)
Good Wins: N/A
Bad Losses: UNLV
Summary: Utah has been competitive in the decent Pac-12 this season, but was never able to get a quality win to boost their resume to be anything to deeply consider for the dance.
In/Out: Out


Alabama Crimson Tide (19-15)
Good Wins: Tennessee, Florida, Auburn x2
Bad Losses: Minnesota, UCF, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Georgia
Summary: Bama has been the most across the board squad of any team this season. But they’re only good wins come against the good SEC teams, as they struggled in non conference. It’s hard for me to put them in, but the committee will, because of Collin Sexton.
In/Out: Out

Missouri Tigers (20-12)
Good Wins: Kentucky, Tennessee
Bad Losses: Illinois, Mississippi St., Ole Miss, LSU,
Summary: The Tigers have a string of bad losses that could haunt them as they attempt to squeeze in the tourney. With their only quality wins over two other SEC teams, I find it hard to believe they’ll make it for any reason other than Michael Porter Jr.
In/Out: Out

Mississippi State Bulldogs (22-11)
Good Wins: Texas A&M
Bad Losses: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss
Summary: Being a mediocre team in the SEC has almost never gotten you in, but since the conference is stronger than most years, the bulldogs are in the conversation. But lacking a real quality win makes me find it hard to believe they’ll make it, especially with two losses to the conference’s worst.
In/Out: Out

Big East

Providence Friars (21-12)
Good Wins: Villanova, Xavier x2
Bad Losses: Minnesota, UMass, DePaul
Summary: The Friars have been able to compete and beat the conferences’ best this season, and while they do have some questionable losses, they got hot at the right time, and the committee will find a spot for them.
In/Out: In

Creighton Blue Jays (21-11)
Good Wins: Villanova, Seton Hall
Bad Losses: N/A
Summary: Creighton is very interesting to look at from a tournament perspective. They have a quality win over Villanova, but were unable to beat non-conference opponents that, surprisingly enough, are also bubble teams. This is one team that could go either way and I wouldn’t be surprised with the decision.

Butler Bulldogs (20-13)
Good Wins: Villanova, Ohio State,
Bad Losses: Maryland, St. John’s
Summary: Butler was able to get two quality wins over good teams this season, but also dropped two games to some bad teams as well. They went .500 in conference play, and being that the Big East is full of bubble teams, they’re last on the pecking order.
In/Out: Out


St. Bonaventure Bonnies (25-6) A-10
Good Wins: Rhode Island
Bad Losses: St. Joseph’s, Dayton
Summary: The Bonnie’s have been fairly consistent this season, being able to beat some other bubble teams they played in non-conference play, while posting a good record in their decent conference. With only 2 real slip ups in conference play, I feel like the Bonnies are the mid major most likely to get an at large bid this year.
In/Out: In

Saint Mary’s Gaels (28-5) WCC
Good Wins: Gonzaga
Bad Losses: Georgia, Washington St., San Francisco, BYU
Summary: Saint Mary’s seem solid enough, they have a few slip ups in non conference to some bad power conference teams. With only two losses in conference play and a solid win over Gonzaga, it’s a toss up whether or not they get in and not making it to the WCC final game doesn’t help their case either.
In/Out: Out

Nevada Wolfpack (27-7) MWC
Good Wins: Rhode Island
Bad Losses: San Francisco, UNLV
Summary: Another Mistake by a mid-major of getting bounced in their conference tourney. The Wolfpack have been good in their bad conference but have also dropped games to mediocre teams in good conferences.
In/Out: Out

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders (24-7) C-USA
Good Wins: N/A
Bad Losses: Marshall x2, Belmont, Southern Miss
Summary: The fact that Middle Tennessee is even in this conversation is absurd. They have no quality wins, (they beat the two worst SEC teams, ooooo). I don’t understand what gets them in, beating the bad teams in their bad conference? Or cause they beat Michigan St. two years ago.
In/Out: Out

Boise State Broncos (23-8) MWC
Good Wins: N/A
Bad Losses: Utah St. x2, Wyoming, Iowa St. , SMU
Summary: Boise State made the mistake of getting bounced early in their conference tournament, which is a huge mistake for mid-majors. They also lack anything of a quality win to make them earn a spot in the field.
In/Out: Out

Memphis Tigers (21-12) AAC
Good Wins: Houston
Bad Losses: UAB, UCF x2, LSU, East Carolina
Summary: Memphis is probably the biggest long shot of all the teams on this list, although their record is just the same. The number of bad losses the team has is probably gonna end up being too many, and with only 1 real quality win and losing to Louisville, their chances are slim.
In/Out: Out

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