Underclassmen With Senioritis


Jaydrien Jarrett, Staff Writer

The cure for senioritis has yet to be found, and it just keeps on spreading.

Senioritis can be seen not just with seniors, but in underclassman too.

Procrastination is a really big issue with some students. Senioritis can impact underclassmen. For some people, doing schoolwork is a major nuisance. As a senior, senioritis is not as impactful. There is an easy way to stop senioritis/procrastination.

Even sophomores and juniors have been seen not doing their work and procrastinating. “I’ve been affected by senioritis since freshman year,” said junior Ethan Smith. It has been a major problem with seniors because they are graduating soon, but senioritis could affect underclassman.

Procrastinating and not doing your work are the major factors that contribute to senioritis, and it happens with almost everyone. “I just feel like as the year goes on, the less motivated students become,” said senior Macy Pratt.

Doing your schoolwork and homework is just a part of high school, but for some people, it’s a major nuisance. Many underclassmen are seen turning in late work and having missing assignments. It’s a lot different for underclassmen though, as they have a lot of time before they are done with high school. In Seniors, the main reason they slack on their work is that they don’t have to try as hard anymore in high school. “I procrastinate 99.9 percent of the time,” said sophomore Grace Cross.

As a senior, it is much less impactful to be lazy. It can be alot easier to not do your work and still make decent grades. The worst that can happen is if they are lazy on a graduation requirement. With underclassmen, not doing your work can really affect grades and what happens after high school. Senioritis is not good in any way, but if it’s going to happen it’s not as impactful with seniors.

“I don’t think it can be cured because at this point we are all just ready to graduate,” said Pratt.

There is a simple cure for senioritis, it’s simply to just complete the work. Senioritis is affecting many students that it shouldn’t. Everyone is obligated to do their schoolwork, but sometimes laziness and procrastination just takes over. Senioritis should not be a problem, but it is up to the student to let senioritis set in or not. It can be easy to not procrastinate. Students could set reminders on their phone, or make a plan around their day to do their homework. It is very simple to do work, it’s just a matter of the will to do it or not.