The Preview of The Upcoming Talent Show


Brodie Curtsinger

A guitar and piano to represent the instruments that are going to be played, a block of wood with a karate belt wrapped around it to represent the karate act, the “Red Monarchs” by Theory Eleven deck of cards to represent the magic act, the red carpet to represent the dance act and how they perform on a platform and a microphone to represent the singers. “I think it’s going to be a good talent show, because there’s a variety of talents that are going on, and I just think it’ll be good this year,” said sophomore Trinity Smith.

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

It is the most talented time of year. 

The annual talent show is coming up Nov. 26.

The talent show consists of 12 unique acts that were picked out of 17 auditions, and the show is during school hours. Sophomore Trinity Smith and junior Anthony Scott are two of the eight singers for the talent show, and practice often. Senior Sarah Ezell, with the senior dance group, is performing in the talent show, and they try to practice every Sunday. 

Every year, the talent show has 12 planned acts that are put into an about one hour assembly, after the students’ seventh-period class. The director of the talent show is Carrie Gary, and the introducer for each act is Larry Steinmetz. Now, there are 10 acts that are going to be done by students, and two acts that are going to be done by teachers. 

There are eight acts performing singing, and those people are Scott, Smith (along with her guitar), freshman Sydney Formam, junior Caleb Grieve (with playing the piano), junior Megan Weihe, junior Olivia Parker, senior Miranda Hahn (with her guitar) and senior Darren Mason and junior Lucas Clark (with one of them playing the piano). There is also an act, that has a full band, consisting of a singer, guitarist, bassist, and the drummer, and the drummer is social studies teacher Monty Edwards. There is a dance act, that consists of only seniors. There is also a karate act, performed by Brandon Edmonson. There is also a magic act, performed by sophomore Brodie Curtsinger. 

The order, from the first act to the last act, is Forman, Grieve, Curtsinger, Weihe, Parker, Scott, Hahn, Mason and Clark, the senior dance group, Smith, Edmonson and then Edwards, with his band. Now, just in case there are acts that do not come to school, on the day of talent show or depending on time, there are two alternate acts. The first one would be senior Claire Carney with singing, and then it would be sophomore Callie Clements with singing. 

Scott, a member of the advanced choir, is performing “Be Alright,” by Dean Lewis. He practices by recording himself singing on his phone and then fixing whatever he needs the feel to fix. “I press record on my phone and sing it, and play it back, until all the flaws are worked out, and it sounds perfect to me,” said Scott. 

Now, the reason Scott wanted to perform in this talent show, was to prove to himself that he can do it, because he wasn’t able to make it his freshman year, and was a little too scared to try out his sophomore year because of what had happened the previous year. With all this build-up though, Scott still does consider himself pretty nervous, for what he’s about to take on. “I decided to try out for the talent show, because my freshman year, I didn’t make it, and so I was scared to try my sophomore year. And this year, I decided I needed to prove something to myself,” said Scott, “I’m big nervous. I don’t know whether the crowd is going to like it or not. Teens can be a little harsh.”

Scott believes that this talent show will be the best talent show ever, because of acts that nobody’s really ever seen before. “I think there are new acts that we haven’t witnessed before. Like for example, we got a magic act, alright, when was the last time this school has seen magic? It’s something to raise the people’s spirits, and get them going,” said Scott. 

Smith is performing “Space Cowboy,” by Kacey Musgraves, while playing her guitar. She practices by playing her guitar and singing as much as she possibly can. “I play the guitar a lot and practice it as much as I can, and I just sing it as much, so I don’t make any mistakes, and I have everything memorized,” said Smith. Smith was also in the last year’s talent show as well. 

Smith does not consider herself nervous, because she has done these types of events before, and has been singing her whole life. “No, not really nervous, I mean, I’ve sang in front of a lot of people, and I’ve sang in front of bigger crowds, before. I just think it’s fun to do,” said Smith, “I’ve sang the ABC’s before, I could sing my first sentence, so I’ve sang my entire life. I’ve been in musical theatre my entire life too, so I’ve been offered to act in Derby Dinner shows, I did acting in middle school, and I did drama, musical programs.” 

Smith believes this talent show will be a good one to come and watch, because of the variety of acts. “I think it’s going to be a good talent show, because there’s a variety of talents that are going on, and I just think it’ll be good this year.”

Ezell is performing a dance, to a mash of songs that were put together, along with a team of more seniors who are dancing with her. They try to meet up every Sunday, to practice on their act, and they try to meet up during the school day, during their third periods. “We try to meet on Sundays, because a lot of people don’t do stuff on Sundays, like not a lot of teams practice. But most of us are seniors, so we work more, and so, work schedules get in the way, but we still try to do that. But now, we’re starting to practice during school, like on third periods, because a lot of kids do JCTC, and we don’t have class then, and we do that because it’s more convenient for others,” said Ezell. 

Ezell, herself, is pretty nervous for what she is about to take on, but she doesn’t really know about the rest of the team, and if they’re nervous or not. “Yeah, I would say we’re nervous, but there’s a lot of us, so I really don’t know everyone’s feelings. But it’s something different, and none of us have done it before. So, it’s going to be a little nerve-wracking,” said Ezell. 

Ezell doesn’t really have much experience in the dancing field, but they are doing it just for memory’s sake. “I’ve never been on a dancing team. This is just a group of seniors, and we’re getting together; it’s not a dancing team, it’s just like a random group,” said Ezell, “I just thought it would be fun to do, and make another memory, in our senior year. It’s all us seniors. And we’re going to do like a dance, like a mash dance, and we put a ton of songs together.”

Ezell believes that this talent show will be the best because her act is something that nobody has ever seen before. “Us seniors are doing this dance, and it’s nothing that no one’s ever seen,” said Ezell.