Showing their Stance

Mia Maguire, Staff Writer

The archery team had a tournament Saturday, Jan. 4. Four of the varsity team’s top shooters were Peyton Renfrow, senior, who scored a 291, Allen Gentry, sophomore, who scored 287, Emily Warren, senior and Evan Sexton, freshman, who both scored a 286.  Their overall score was 3385 and they came in 1st place out of 12. They also shot 203 10s.


Caleb Riggs, junior, who scored a 278 out of 300, felt that they did not face, “any real competition”. This score is about average for Riggs but was still enough for him to help the team score. He hopes for their team to be number one or at least close to it in the state. 


The JV team for Bullitt East placed seventh with a score of 3075 and 78 10s. Conner Mitchel, sophomore, with a score of 266, Hailey Higgs, junior, and Kareem Atieh, junior, both received a score of 265 were the top scorers.


Varsity and JV will have their next tournament this Saturday, Jan. 10 at Mercy.