Nevermind, I Take it Back


Chloe Radford

Junior Chloe Radford poses with Nirvana shirt. She has been a fan of the band since 2016.

Chloe Radford, Staff Writer

Spencer Elden, the baby on the iconic album cover of Nirvana’s ¨Nevermind¨, is suing the band for child pornography decades after its release.

At four months, Spencer was chosen to be the naked baby on Nirvana’s album “Nevermind,” in 1991. This album contains Nirvana’s most popular songs like ¨Smells Like Teen Spirit¨ and ¨ Come as You Are.” Even with the death of the main singer, Kurt Cobain, the band’s popularity stays with us throughout the 1990’s to the 2000’s.

¨I feel like he should be entitled to some kind of compensation since they made millions of dollars off it. I wouldn’t consider it child pornography though, I would consider that artwork,¨ Kari Haney said.

The parents of Spencer were given only $200 when agreeing to do the photoshoot. With the law suite coming in so late, people are wondering the motives behind it. Many people suspect it is just Spencer trying to get a quick cash grab. While others believe it’s the change in beliefs in the generations. People would argue that this century is more ¨sensitive¨, which means this could be an actual act of what Spencer believed to be justice. But for the most part, people think he just wants some extra cash.

¨I just think they’re stupid for trying to go get a lawsuit against Nirvana, of all people. I don’t think he’s gonna win that lawsuit.¨ said student Trey Holland.

The absolute irony of this situation is that the album cover’s meaning is meant to represent how people spend their lives chasing money. Even from birth people will do anything to chase money. With the event of Spencer, it shows the accuracy of the cover with him continuing to chase the money from the law suite. Even decades after its release.

¨He hasn’t met anyone who hasn’t seen his genitalia, it’s a constant reminder that he has no privacy,¨ his lawyer Maggie Mabie said.

This is an issue of privacy according to Spencer and his lawyer. He is suing the 15 people/companies involved with the making of the album cover. He asks for $15,000 from each of them. Having the man demand privacy years later is suspicious. Especially when we have the quote from Elden where he says the album “opened doors” for him, which was stated in a documentary about the lawsuit.

In the classic rock fandom, this is such a big topic. Having a band as popular and iconic as Nirvana go through this is a huge problem for most people. Especially with the death of the lead singer, Kurt Cobain. People see this act as nothing but disrespect. Even more so since he has decided to target the Cobain Estate. All Nirvana fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for a verdict, and until then, we wait.