Archery Looks Forward to State


Macie Brown

Seniors Rachel Lagermann and Alex Schmidt walk back to the team after finishing their last shot at the Bullitt Central Winter Warm Up tournament.

Macie Brown, Staff Writer

The break before state 

The archery team finished second in their last tournament at Bullitt Lick Middle School with a score of 3,361. Leading the team was sophomores Brian Brock and Nathan Able who both had a score of 291. 

Senior Evan Sexton is happy with how the team is doing and says that all the work each player is putting in is paying off. “This team has its high every week. From a teammate’s point of view it’s awesome to hear,” Sexton said. He sees something improve with the team as a whole in every new tournament they compete in. For Sexton, this tournament was one of his lowest scoring with a 276. “I need to and have to do better than that,” Sexton said. The feeling of frustration that he has doesn’t discourage him, but instead he knows that in order to rebound from that he will have to continue to put more work in. 

Sexton feels that the winter break actually helped the players come back and perform well. “I think having a break from archery, we were fired with energy to come out beating our highs as a team,” Sexton said. Another thing Sexton thinks has contributed to their success is the coaches continuing to remind them of the rules and basics of archery that they can always remember to make them better and have a solid foundation. 

In the next couple of weeks, the archery team will be taking a small break from tournaments. Sexton sees the break as a great time to work on and refine some things. “For me that means I’m going to try some new things and really apply it more heading into that tournament,” Sexton said. He intends to work with his coaches and take in as much information from them as he can so he can execute when they come back. 

The next archery tournament will be Pre-State held at Eastern High School on Feb. 11th.