• Homecoming--Home Basketball Game--Friday, January 26

  • 9th Grade House Coat Drive--Tuesday, January 16-Friday, January 19

  • Girls Basketball LIT Tournament--Tuesday, January 23 through Friday, January 26

  • Homecoming Week--Monday, January 22 through Friday, January 26

  • Congrats to the cheerleading team for winning the state championship!

  • Christmas Break Dec. 16- Jan. 2

  • Prom-- 3/24/18

  • Athletic Signing Day-- 2/7/18

  • Larry Steinmetz Named State Journalism Director for JEA!

  • The second issue of the Livewire is on sale now for $1!

Kim Houchin
My name is Kim Houchin. I am a senior and this will be third and final year of journalism. The reason I took journalism was very dependent on my passion for writing and just the love I had for speaking up on what matters. This year, I am the editor in chief of the Livewire. Outside of school, I work at Waverly Hills and I'm also afraid of pickle slices and bats.

Kim Houchin, Editor in Chief

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