• Homecoming--Home Basketball Game--Friday, January 26

  • 9th Grade House Coat Drive--Tuesday, January 16-Friday, January 19

  • Girls Basketball LIT Tournament--Tuesday, January 23 through Friday, January 26

  • Homecoming Week--Monday, January 22 through Friday, January 26

  • Congrats to the cheerleading team for winning the state championship!

  • Christmas Break Dec. 16- Jan. 2

  • Prom-- 3/24/18

  • Athletic Signing Day-- 2/7/18

  • Larry Steinmetz Named State Journalism Director for JEA!

  • The second issue of the Livewire is on sale now for $1!


Livewire was re-founded in 2001 by journalism teacher, Larry Steinmetz. In the past, the Livewire has been a weekly newspaper, but moved to a newsmagazine published five times a year in 2011, and increased in the 2014-15 school year. The staff remains committed to bringing the Bullitt East community the most up to date news in a quality format and timely manner.

The staff appreciates your patronage and, as a public forum, encourages any feedback you care to offer. Letters to the editor must be typed and submitted via e-mail, to Mr. Steinmetz’s mailbox, or directly to room 324 within one week of the publication to which you are responding. Letters will not be censored, but must be deemed appropriate by the editor and advisor in order to be published. In order to be eligible to appear in the paper, all letters must be signed and verifiable. Names can be withheld upon request, but must be submitted with the original letter.

Livewire is published by the students and for the students of Bullitt East High School, E-mailing Mr. Steinmetz directly is the best way to reach the staff. His address is [email protected] The Livewire is printed by Aprintis.

The student news site of Bullitt East High School.