• Homecoming--Home Basketball Game--Friday, January 26

  • 9th Grade House Coat Drive--Tuesday, January 16-Friday, January 19

  • Girls Basketball LIT Tournament--Tuesday, January 23 through Friday, January 26

  • Homecoming Week--Monday, January 22 through Friday, January 26

  • Congrats to the cheerleading team for winning the state championship!

  • Christmas Break Dec. 16- Jan. 2

  • Prom-- 3/24/18

  • Athletic Signing Day-- 2/7/18

  • Larry Steinmetz Named State Journalism Director for JEA!

  • The second issue of the Livewire is on sale now for $1!

An Exciting Week for Choir Members

February 18, 2018

Students and Staff’s New Years Resolutions

Ahna Cates, Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

Filed under School, Showcase, Videos

We’ve all heard the common phrase “new year, new me” said in the early months of the year, but that certainly isn’t always the case. New Years comes around annually along with new goals to better our lives. These res...

Bullitt County Snowfall Causing Closings

Zach Combest, Website Editor

January 13, 2018

Filed under Breaking News, Local "The Mount", School, Showcase, Videos

Snow has hit Bullitt County, bringing in cold weather and ice along with it. Schools were closed yesterday, Jan. 12 because of the snow. Many of the side roads were still snow covered on Sat. Jan. 13, but the main roads like...

Homecoming Teachers vs. Students Basketball Game

Zach Combest, Business Editor

February 3, 2017

Filed under School, Sports, Videos

Basketball homecoming is a little different this year at Bullitt East. With the help of the Redzone Rowdies and staff; the students and staff were able to watch a teachers versus students basketball game instead of the traditional...

Donut King, Forever in Our Hearts

Kim Houchin, Copy Editor

October 28, 2016

Filed under Breaking News, Local "The Mount", School, Showcase, Videos

https://youtu.be/eQh8f3SrXuU In times of need, that is when a community is strongest. A known member of the Mount Washington community, Simon Yeung, was shot twice while at work. Any tragedy is hard to deal with. See...

Student Body…Congress

Erika Bolton, Staff Writer

August 25, 2016

Filed under Breaking News, School, Videos

Let this session come to order! The new “congress” of Bullitt East is what everybody is talking about. In the past, many of you know that Bullitt East has held an after school club known as Student Body Government, ...

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