Dedication at It’s Finest
The Track Team’s Final Performance at the State Championship
Onto the Tournaments
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Starting Fresh
Big Changes Are Happening
Governor Beshear Makes Efforts to Give Educators a Raise Through the Neglect from the State.
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Choir Scores Distinguished at the OMEA District 5 Vocal Assessment
The Life of Judge Denise Brown

Student-Run Businesses Growing In The Community

March 2, 2022

Entrepreneurship in high school.  Opportunities are arising for students to begin a business.  Despite potential adversity, many students strive to start their own self-run businesses. Some of the products they sell may be based on their own personal interests or something they are inspired by....

Lily Newton and Her Ongoing Journey to Recovery

Lily Newton and Her Ongoing Journey to Recovery

September 30, 2021

Everything happens for a reason. Junior Lily Newton has always been an active person but with her recent medical condition, she’s had to cut back on some activities in order to rest.  With Newton’s condition, it gives her headaches, which can make doing certain sports a tougher task to do...

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Feared Fighter to a Strong Survivor Book

Brodie Curtsinger, Sports Editor
April 29, 2022

Never give up. Through the challenges, author Brodie Curtsinger had to work extremely hard to write and create a full book within three weeks, and “never give up.” What inspired Curtsinger...

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Offering a New Chance at Life

Brandon Mudd, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022

One action can make a huge difference. A baby box was just installed at the Mount Washington Fire Department giving babies who might’ve been abandoned an opportunity to have a life. The organization,...

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The Planet Needs Our Help

Sierra Karner, Staff Writer
February 4, 2021

Habitats for nature have declined and gotten severely worse.   Global warming has become a huge issue in recent years.    The average temperatures are increasing and trees are...

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Thank You Scholastic Journalism; For Everything
Euphoria’s Take on Harsh Topics as a High School Show
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The End of Roe
Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Explained
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Bullitt East FFA Members Celebrates Wins At Regional Day
Bullitt East FFA Chapter Attends National FFA Convention
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