UFO against the sky.
UFO against the sky.

Aliens, Fact or Fiction?

Aliens, where science meets speculation.

Aliens, where science meets speculation.

Throughout the history of mankind, we often find ourselves looking towards the stars. But even with all our vast knowledge of the universe there is one thing that remains unknown. Are extraterrestrials real and have they visited earth?

Our research shows that the majority of people either believe in aliens or are unsure about their existence, very few people directly said aliens are not real.

Life is something known only to earth. We haven’t yet explored the universe enough to know if life is something that was created elsewhere or if earth is truly special,” sophomore Seth Bishop said.  This is something that should be considered when it comes to discussing such an unknown topic. There is no tangible evidence to prove the existence of aliens, however we do have probability.

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“We cannot be the only living beings in the universe,” Freshman Maddox Christian said. The odds of us being the only living creatures in the universe are very slim. With the ever-expanding universe somewhere there is bound to be life on another planet. Although the conditions for life to exist are rare in a seemingly infinite universe those conditions are often met many times. 

A more interesting question that should be asked would be if aliens have visited earth. “There have been some cases of things we can’t explain. Like the black knight satellite,” Hamilton Wise said. The black knight satellite is an unidentified piece of debris that orbits earth. Many conspiracy theorists theorize that this is an alien satellite or spacecraft.

The fact that we haven’t been to another planet in our own solar system let alone found life anywhere near earth shows that even if there was life, it couldn’t be much more advanced than our own society, meaning it couldn’t have traveled to our planet,” Seth Bishop said. If life can’t be found near earth then how can humans and aliens co-exist? 

That isn’t even considering the fact that alien life could suffer similar issues to our own with some sort of government or hierarchy that hinders the ability to progress. We also don’t know what aliens would look like. Alien society could be intelligent beings with no arms or legs to create anything with, a tribal society of capable but not intelligent beings, or just weird little creatures that are far from being intelligent,” Seth Bishop said. There are a number of factors that could result in life not being able to travel the stars. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t life that has these abilities and has visited earth.

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