Alleged Hate Crime Shakes Mt. Washington

Zach Combest, Copy Editor

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Racism, hate, and violence; what has this world come to?

A Bullitt East student was assaulted and called racial slurs by a person who they thought was their friend. The students assaulting the victim then blocked the street and used a rebel flag on a flagpole to damage the front of the student’s car. The victim was able to escape and drove to the police station. The location of this attack is unknown but one thing I know for sure is that this is a true hate crime.

The students that assaulted the victim are ignorant and disrespectful. Violence is a big deal in our society, and the world fights against it everyday. Violence has led to protests, fights, riots, and killings. From drug and police related shootings, violent racists, and senseless fights; some people are scared to even go out in public. People in America, especially African Americans, Muslims, and other minorities, constantly look over their shoulders with the threats of racially fueled hatred.

Where is the police when we need them? We give our faith and trust in the police to protect and keep us safe. Grant that the police do a good job in our community and work hard everyday to keep us safe. What baffled me about this heinous act was that no bystander stopped to help or call the police. If I saw the victim getting their car smashed by a flagpole that had a rebel flag on it, I would have pulled over and called the police and reported the crime. People in America often turn a blind eye to crimes because they do not want to be caught up in the police process or have to worry about people coming after them because they reported a crime. No matter how small the crime is, you should report it to the police.

Minority enrollment in Bullitt County high schools is 4% (majority Hispanic and Black). Even though the diversity is low in our county, we should treat each other with the same respect. As Bullitt East has been in the news lately about the unthinkable and disgraceful crime, Charger Nation should stand up and support each other. The news called the attack “girl drama” but I don’t believe that at all. When a student of the opposite race calls another student racial slurs and then bashes the front of their car with a flagpole that has a rebel flag on it,  then that crosses the line from “drama” to a racially fueled hate crime.

Not everyone at our school is racist and with local media covering this situation, many students and staff at Bullitt East are frustrated with the way this reflects the whole school. High school can be a time when drama and conflict happens but students should focus more on school and grades than girl drama. 


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Alleged Hate Crime Shakes Mt. Washington