RedZone Revamped

Nick Jackson, Staff Writer

This year the RedZone is looking forward to having some rowdy fans, but with the changes in club leadership and on the football field, how do they plan to bring in the students?

Bryce Stewart and Matt Childress will be taking over the RedZone this year. Students are no longer permitted to walk on the track during football games. The leaders are going to persistently encourage fans to cheer throughout the games.

This years RedZone Rowdies have all new leadership. Together they’re all trying to find new ways to bring in more fans and to make sure they all keep cheering on the team. RedZone Rowdy leader, senior Bryce Stewart, is optimistic about his plan to keep the fans rowdy. “So my plan is that probably every two minutes or so i’m going to run to the top and i’m going to scream and keep on cheering. And then they’re going to get so annoyed that they’ll all just do it so that i’ll leave them alone,” said Stewart.

This year the football field has made some changes that affect the fans. The school has renovated the track to have a rubber coating. This affects the students because in order to protect the track, the school installed a fence to keep the students off of it. This means that no one is allowed to walk on the track during the games. Although the new track is a big change, Athletic Director Troy Barr isn’t too worried. “ It will be an adjustment period where some people will be mad about not being able to walk around the track, but after a while things will go back to normal,” said Barr. Stewart is seeing this as a good opportunity.

“I honestly think that will be a little bit better. When people are closer like that and they’re all kinda huddled up in a big like bleacher like setting it allows you to be a little bit louder because it sounds like one voice,” said Stewart.

At all the events this year, Stewart says that anyone can step up and be leader. Stewart said, “Well, technically, what me and Momma Jo talked about the other day was that anyone who stands up and starts to lead a chant, whether it’s me in the front or a freshman in the back , is a leader.” Even though he says anyone can be a leader at the games, there’s still a need for leaders outside of games.

“But what we’ve talked about was that me, Matthew Childress, Christian Foster, Sydney Riley, Lexi Fisher and Nate Drake are helping getting everything organized this year to help make sure we have our themes set, and we get people to show up to the games and be wild,” said Stewart.