Dominating Start to the Wrestling Season

Zach Combest, Website Editor

Taking down their opponents in their first home meet of the season.

The Bullitt East wrestling team completed in their first home meet of the season on Monday, Nov. 20.

They faced Doss High School and Bardstown High School. The Chargers won both duals, but the team’s still looking to make improvements. The next meet is set for Nov. 29 at home.

The Chargers came into the match with a scrimmage under their belt. The match started at 6:30 p.m. and the Chargers had a great start as they dominated Doss in the first dual. “It went great and it showed us what we need to work on,” said senior Evan Spurgeon. There were many forfeits for Doss because they didn’t have anyone to compete in certain weight classes.

The Chargers had a good showing in front of their home crowd. “As a team, I believe we did outstanding against our opponents but there are some things we need to go back over but mostly we just need to learn how to save our stamina so we don’t become wore out already,” said senior CJ Bynum.

The competition was good, but the Charger’s competition isn’t just the team across on the mat from them. “To me, the only only competition we have is our weight because we all have to meet a certain weight we want to wrestle against. So maintaining it is the biggest competition,” said Bynum.

The Chargers will face Valley and Iroquois High School on Nov. 29 at home. Come out and support the Chargers! It’s free admissions for all high school and middle school students.