Finishing Senior Year Early


Zach Combest

Pitcher Taylor Roby vs. Mercy in the district championship game.

Zach Combest, Website Editor

Walking across the stage months before the others.

Senior Taylor Roby is graduating early to kick start her college adventures and Division 1 softball career.

Roby will be graduating in December. She will be attending and playing softball for the University of Louisville. Graduating early has its pros and cons.

“Louisville came to me last year and asked if I would want to grow as a player earlier and that’s how I got approached,” said Roby. To be able to graduate early you must receive all the credits required, be college or career ready and be approved by the board of education. Roby and a few other seniors will be graduating early this year.

Roby will have to redshirt in the spring, but next fall she will be able to play for the Cardinals. Roby has been committed to the team for the past few years. She will be a starting pitcher for the team and might get the chance to hit in the lineup. She will be able to travel and be around all team events, attend games and practice with the team, but won’t be able to play in games until the fall.

“All my friends are getting prom dresses and it’s sad, but you got to see what’s better for you and you have to grow and move on one day and I’m just doing it early,” said Roby. Roby plans to major in sports administration or education science. Roby states that the team was sad at first because she told them right after they lost in the regional finals to Butler, but they were supportive and proud of her.

Head coach Ricky Hoffman has coached Roby since she started playing for East. “He (Hoffman) was very surprised, but he was really proud,” said Roby. Roby will be missing the upcoming high school softball season.

The team has been working to fill her key position on the team and looking for ways to move on without her dominant arm in the pitching circle and her killer swing. “The softball team and I are super proud of her and can’t wait to see her do big things at Louisville,” said junior catcher Karley Dawson.

“The team will be different this year without Taylor because we are losing someone who has been a part of our program for a long time. She is an all around great person and a tremendous ballplayer,” said Dawson. Overall, the team and her friends are happy for her and her decision to graduate early.