Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson Laid to Rest in Mt. Washington

Zach Combest, Website Editor

Celebrating a local representative with song and prayer.

Representative Dan Johnson was laid to rest today, days after he committed suicide in Mount Washington.

Many friends and family members of Johnson came out to his funeral today at the Heart of Fire Church to remember him and his life. Johnson leaves behind a wife and four children: Boaz, Danielle, Sarah and Judah. Johnson committed suicide days after allegations came out about him and now the community is mourning his death and wondering who will fill his seat in the House of Representatives in Frankfort.

Johnson was found dead on Greenwell Ford Road in Mount Washington on Wednesday after allegations that he molested a 17-year-old girl in 2013 were released. Johnson posted a Facebook message that many say was his suicide letter. In part it said, “The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be. AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news. Conservatives take a stand. I LOVE GOD and I LOVE MY WIFE, who is the best WIFE in the world, My Love Forever!” A concerned citizen saw the post and called police. The police then pinged his cell phone and found his location. A family member was the first person to find Johnson.

Governor Matt Bevin released a statement the night of Johnson’s death. He said, “saddened to hear of tonight’s death of KY Representative Dan Johnson… My heart breaks for his family tonight… These are heavy days in Frankfort and in America… May God indeed shed his grace on us all. We sure need it…”

Johnson’s funeral was held at the Heart of Fire Church on Bardstown road where he was the pope. Family, friends and even local politicians came to the service to honor and remember the father, politician and pope.

During the service his son sang and a band played. Memorabilia flooded the stage around his casket showing all the things Johnson loved. Senator Dan Seum noted Johnson’s conservative record during his one year in the state House. “That’s my hero laying up there,” said Seum. “And when I grow up, I want to be just like him.” Rebecca Johnson, his wife of 31 years, recalled how they got engaged on their first date and thanked everyone for coming.

As Johnson left his church for the final time, his wife and son followed on the back of Johnson’s Harley. Johnson was buried at the Mount Washington Cemetery. Senior Autumn Garrett was working at Subway next to the cemetery during the funeral. “It was pretty somber, it was rainy and all you could really hear was the motorcycles in the funeral procession,” said Garrett. She continued by saying, “I think his death was really confusing in the matter of why he did it, or felt like why he killed himself.”

There will be a special election to replace him, and Johnson’s widow says she wants to run. The date of the special election is unknown right now, but Governor Bevin is expected to announce a date soon. As of now Johnson’s seat will remain empty until the election. 

Edited on 1-29-18:

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