Greek or Bust


Zach Combest

Tug-o-War is one of the main events at the Greek Games.

Ethan Neutz, Staff Writer

Bullitt East Greeks.

Greek Games is right around the corner at East.

Greek Games is one of the highlight events during the school year that tries to bring the whole school together to participate in events like tug-o-war and leapfrog.

Wednesday was yet another house day. This day was set to go over Greek Games which will be on May 3. Bullitt plans ahead in order to be able to fill all four events.

Houses are usually used to work on senior projects but this time they were to start a buzz about Greek Games.“I think that houses support our school, especially with the senior projects and give us a chance to work on grade-level specific work,” said junior house teacher, Lauren Battcher. Houses have changed so much over the several years that they have been implemented at Bullitt East.

“I like how they bring people together and makes us able to come together to have fun,” said junior Ashlyn Kouri. Throughout the year, administrators and teachers have made plans for the houses to participate in events such as Houses for the Holidays and Greek Games. The purpose of these is to bring our giant school together in one place, for one purpose.

Though many people love the thought of bringing people together, in the past couple years, participation has dwindled. “I’d rather not participate in Greek Games due to the fact of that it really isn’t fun, but also if you mess up or do anything, you have the whole school watching you,” said junior, Kayla Nutgrass. Many other people in our school share this opinion but groups like the SLAM class are trying to change this by creating more events that could spike school interest.

“I would probably participate in Greek Games if it was more fun of events instead of the elementary style games. If I was to participate in Greek Games this year, I would probably just participate in Tug-A-War just because so many people do it,” said Nutgrass. Hopefully, with so much time to plan, the school will help make the events better.

Greek Games will be held on May 3. Make sure to wear your toga.