Bullitt County 49 District Special Election


Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher’s campaign posted this after the results came in.

Zach Combest, Website Editor

The empty 49 district seat is finally filled.

A special election was held today, Feb. 20 after former house representative Dan Johnson passed away late last year.

Democrat Linda Belcher faced Republican Rebecca Johnson. Belcher defeated Johnson with 68 percent of the votes (3,386 votes). On Facebook Linda Belcher said, “Thank you, Bullitt County! I am so grateful to all of you who voted, walked, made calls, put up yard signs, and donated financially for my campaign. All of your hard work made the difference in this race. We won this special election together and I look forward to serving you with honesty and integrity in Frankfort. I had the best team in the business that made this win possible. Again–– Thank you.”

Belcher will now finish Dan Johnson’s term. Rebecca Johnson and Belcher will be back on the ballot again later this year. Both are running for the full term, which begins in 2019.

Johnson has finally made a statement after being defeated. Johnson is accusing voting fraud for the results in the election. On her campaign Facebook page she said, “If you were turned away or if you could not find your polling place or had any problems voting today, please call the GOP Chair and let us know what happened. Also if you were a poll worker and you saw any discrepancies, please call. Paul Ham 678-773-9146.” She also posted “I’m looking forward to the General Election and working towards winning it. Hopefully any polling discrepancies will be fixed by then. The local GOP, and Republican Party of Kentucky are looking into it.”


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