Flooding in Bullitt County


Katie Huffman

Flooding off of Main St. in Shepherdsville, KY on Monday.

Katie Huffman, Staff Writer

When it rains, it pours.

Significant amounts of precipitation over this past week has caused flooding around the Salt River area and parts of the county.

The continuous rain and thunderstorms before and over the weekend has led to flooding in local areas and also in Louisville. As of now, certain parts of Shepherdsville are still not safe to drive through. Citizens should be prepared for events like this and know how to stay safe when it floods.

Governor Matt Bevin declared a state of emergency across Kentucky on Friday, after it rained a significant amount during the week and more precipitation was expected over this past weekend. There are 17 counties under a separate declaration, because flooding is more severe there.

Sophomore Lucas Hedges had his own negative experience with this natural disaster. “We [his family] had woken up to what we had thought was another night safe from the storm, but quickly saw that our basement had flooded,” said Hedges. “Although we weren’t able to recover many memories thought to be lost, we recovered the basement,” said Hedges.  

Due to flooding in Shepherdsville around Main Street and other areas, BCPS cancelled school for today, February 26. However, the amount of water in the roads has slightly declined over the past 24 hours.

Every household should put together a household flood plan, in order to be prepared for the worst. If the area around one’s home is flooded, the most important thing for them to do is relocate or move to a higher level of their home if possible.

Do not walk through flood waters or attempt to drive through them. Only six inches of water is enough to knock a person down and two feet is enough to carry away a vehicle.

As of now, Bullitt County Schools are on a one hour delay for Tuesday, February 27. There is an estimated 200 students that will not be able to come to school tomorrow due to flooded areas. 

Here are some pictures from Shepherdsville today: