One Last Concert


Advanced choir was one group to sing in the concert. They sung several songs, and it seemed most were happy with how the event went.

Olivia Armstrong, Copy Editor

Singing their heart out for the start of summer.

Choir wraps up a successful year with an eventful concert.

Choir had their third and final concert of the year. It was fit with songs from advanced and concert choir, as well as performances from other local schools. Students are hopeful for the new year after going out with a bang.

The concert took place on May 31. It was held at St. Francis Xavier Church.

Choir students have prepared for this concert since after Christmas, with months and months of rehearsal. “The hard work paid off; it was a successful concert,” said sophomore Beth Woods.

The concert kicked off with a guest performance from Mount Washington Elementary. When concert choir took the stage, the men from advanced choir sung during the transition.

Then, concert choir took the stage. They performed four songs, with music ranging from “The Greatest Showman” to “A Walk to Remember.” While the concert choir exited the stage, the girls from advanced choir performed two transition songs.

The advanced choir sang four songs.

After concert choir and advanced choir had their individual performances, they then sung one song together. “I always look forward to the big group song. The sound is always so full and it goes so well,” said Woods.

And to end everything off, the Mount Washington choir came back on stage and sang two songs with both concert and advanced choir.

“The year went really well; we grew so much as a choir. I feel like a lot of our friendships grew along with the ability of our group,” said sophomore Devon Price.

Sophomore Jes Milburn agreed. “It became more and more fun over the year to sing as we became closer to each other,” said Milburn.

This concert wrapped up the year for choir. The group plans to begin looking over All-State auditions for the next year during the final days.