Kicking Off The School Year


New classes, new rooms and new students.

The school year is now in session and changes are everywhere you look.

There is no longer a freshman academy. New classes and a new career pathway, law enforcement, are being taught. The new superintendent Jesse Bacon has officially taken position.

For the longest time, the freshmen have always been separated from the rest of the students. This year, the school has taken that away and intermixed everyone.

Halls now coincide with what subject is being taught. For instance, all the science classes are in one hallway, business and foreign language classes are upstairs and so forth for all subjects.

Health teacher Dona Hare says, “I like how the layout is all English, and all social studies and all math. I think that makes sense. I think for teachers it’s easier for us to go, ‘oh hey I don’t remember where we had that resource’ or ‘I don’t have enough copies,’ and you’re literally right next door so you have access to each other.”

Classroom changes aren’t just affecting freshmen and teachers since the foreign languages and business classes moved upstairs. Now, upperclassmen who have those classes have to take the long haul up the stairs. Junior Lexi Lutz said, “With all the classes being in this layout, it makes it really hard for me to get from my social studies class to my science class because the the social studies hall and science hall are so far apart.”

New classes are also being offered this year including a whole new career pathway, the law enforcement pathway. This offers new classes to all students, such as Criminal Investigation and Criminal Justice. The teacher for these new classes is Deborah Marasa.

One of the biggest changes this school year is the school district’s new superintendent, Bacon. Davis was the superintendent for 11 years and retired from his position at the conclusion of this past school year. Bacon was previously a principal in Fleming County, Kentucky.

Assistant principal Tim Ridley said, “We had a leadership week with all of the principals and what he [Bacon] shared with us to start off, is he just wants to talk to everyone. The parents, students, teachers, community members and really get a feel of Bullitt County. He wants everyone involved. I think that’s his first plan and he’s going to take it from there.”

Here’s to new changes and another great school year.