Hoglen Making Her Way Around Town

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Hoglen Making Her Way Around Town

Ellie Poole, Will Blanford

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Not even the weather can stop her.

Spanish teacher, Jenna Hoglen seems to walk just about everywhere.  

Anywhere in Mt.Washington, Hoglen will probably be walking to her destination. It seems unusual to most people that she walks everywhere, whether it’s to school, the grocery store or her family’s house. However, growing up in Belgium where it’s normal to walk everywhere, Hoglen’s day-to-day transportation is simply just her legs and feet.

Hoglen brought her old lifestyle to the United States by walking to her destinations. Due to very little use of her car, she made the decision to sell it this past summer. Now, transporting by feet is really the only option for her, however, Hoglen said it was not a hard transition at all because she walks everywhere anyway. Hoglen walks to and from school every day whether it’s in the rain, shine or snow.  

“I live 10 minutes from school, so even if I drove it would take the same amount of time because of the traffic,” said Hoglen. She has been doing this for all seven years that she has taught here.

She is willing to walk in any condition of weather. “If it is cold, I wear jackets and coats. If it’s raining, I use an umbrella,” said Hoglen. The weather is never a bother to Hoglen, she says she has grown immune to it based on all of the weather conditions she has experienced throughout her life. Hoglen’s parents grew up in the Louisville and Mt. Washington area.  However, she has lived in a total of three countries because her parents were missionaries so even as a child, wherever they went, she traveled with them too. Living in a foreign country for many years is also how she learned to be trilingual.

Hoglen feels confident in herself and is never worried about anything bad happening because it’s just a normal thing to do for her.  “When I lived in Belgium my family took public transportation,” said Hoglen, “This is really what made me more comfortable with walking everywhere.”  Hoglen says that nothing bothers her when walking everywhere because she has seen all of it.

She knows French, Spanish and German but ended up teaching Spanish. Hoglen said she had originally planned on teaching French because that is what she enjoys the most, but that had changed while studying at Centre College. She found out that she would need one extra semester of school to get her degree for teaching French, so she decided to just stick with Spanish.

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