Glass Movie Review

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Glass Movie Review

Lilly Whitley, On Call editor

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It’s like chaos in a glass cage.

Glass, the sequel to the original mega-hit split movie, released Jan. 18 to cinemas.

This long-awaited thriller topped the box office that weekend. The movie was based on M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Split movies. Despite receiving mixed reviews, high attendance was recorded over its opening weekend.

In this movie, three men believed to be “superheroes” are placed together in a mental facility. Kevin Crumb, the character with multiple personalities from the original Split movie, is one of the three superheroes. Kevin, along with the other two featured superheroes devise a plan to break out of their mental facility.

The two superheroes alongside Kevin are Elijah Price and David Dunn. Price has the gift of extreme intelligence. Dunn has superhuman strength that allows him to withstand extreme physical abuse. Using these powers, the superheroes break out of the asylum and cause conflict. They eventually have to be stopped by someone or something.

The movie involves several entertaining plot twists. Some characters from the previous Split movie were featured in Glass. The original girl who was held captive in the Split movie appears frequently throughout Glass. The movie also focuses on the abilities of each superhero and shows the bond with the girl in the last movie to Kevin.

Many people are very pleased with Kevin (James McAvoy)’s performance. He plays the character that switches personalities which are demonstrated several times throughout both movies. All in all, critics are recommending the Glass movie to thrill seekers that want to see the dramatic film.

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