Getting Rowdier in the Redzone


Photo credit: @redzonerowdies_ on Twitter.

Lindsey Spencer, Equipment Coordinator

Slooooooooow clap.

It’s been slow and steady growth this year for the Redzone Rowdies, just like their famous slow clap.

Over the past few weeks of basketball season, the number of students in attendance at games has dramatically increased. The Redzone leaders are working hard to encourage students and get them excited about cheering on their teams. This is especially important as both boys and girls are advancing through the regional tournament.

At the beginning of the basketball season, the number of kids in the student section wasn’t very high, especially at girls basketball games. However, in the recent games there has been a huge turn out. Many may contribute this to the major success of our teams lately; the boys team is on a nine game winning streak and the girls have won eight of their past nine games. Both teams are currently in the regional tournament, with the girls playing Butler Friday night at Valley and boys also playing Butler at Valley on Saturday. Redzone leader and senior Kemper Barr said, “I think people are starting to realize how good our teams actually are and that they deserve all of this support.”

There are eight leaders of the Redzone this year: Jared Ranalli, Nick Jackson, Ty Hawkins, Trent Murphy, Bryce Miles, Ethan Neutz, Kemper Barr and Meredith Bass. The leaders come up with themes for games and lead chants to cheer on the players. Multiple others that are not official leaders and are just as supportive and attend every game.

The cheers and chants the Redzone does is more than just fun for the crowd. “I think it’s really important to have big crowds at games because it boosts the team’s energy….The atmosphere is completely different and it lets the players know that their whole school and community are supporting them,” senior Ty Hawkins said. Almost all of the Redzone leaders are or have been student athletes, so they know from experience that having your friends and peers there behind you can change your attitude on the game.

Senior Jared Ranalli said, “I think the students are finally realizing that these games are big, not just to the school, but to the team.”

Leaders are working harder than ever to get more fans into the stands. Promoting the games and themes on the Redzone Twitter and Instagram gets the word out to more students and gets them excited and anticipating the event. For the girls game on Friday night and the boys game on Saturday, the school is providing free transportation. When asked how they can continue to increase the size of the Redzone, “we can get a bus to help everyone get to the games,” said Ranalli.

Not all the leaders are seniors though. Juniors Bass and Murphy lead the Redzone as well, and they have big plans for next year. “The plans for next year are to make it the best ever; we plan on being very involved with the teams. Next year I think it will be the biggest ever because people are starting to buy into it and realize how much fun it is,” said Murphy. They are hoping that they can take the participation and involvement of the underclassmen this year and carry it over to next year.

As our basketball teams advance throughout the tournament and hopefully move forward to playing at Rupp Arena next week, the Redzone Rowdies are putting a lot of effort into getting our whole school enthusiastic and supportive. The increasing number of students attending games is exciting and a tell-tale sign that Bullitt East has huge school spirit.