New Law Enforcement Teacher

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New Law Enforcement Teacher

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A Clean Sweep

The Law Enforcement class has gotten a clean sweep with receiving a new teacher.


Having been a law enforcement instructor since 2005, Carolynn Nunn replaced Deborah Marasa for the law enforcement class as of recent. Most students are relieved that her teaching style will enable them to learn the content as opposed to the previous, more lenient style that caused many students to not listen or participate. However, there are some who are having difficulties adjusting to the complete lack of free time after having had the unobjected ability to do what they wanted for the class period everyday.


Since Nunn’s arrival students say there has been a lot of more work and activities for them to do. “She’s made the class more strict so more people listen often,” said sophomore Alexis Frenzman.


Switching teachers can be difficult for some because each teacher has their own way of providing information to their students. It may take some a few days to adjust while others may need a few weeks. “I feel pretty good about the change because it gives me the opportunity to learn about the stuff I missed earlier in the year,” said senior Chandler Paul.


The only complaint from students is that Nunn doesn’t give them free days. With the old teacher the class would watch a lot of things on the board. Change for some can be a hard thing to deal with. Going from being free to do things your way to being told what to do can alter the way that you work. The class at times does still watch video clips that are useful in assisting students’ learning, such as clips instructing people on what to do during a natural disaster. However, the class’s activities no longer rely on the one teaching approach of letting students constantly watch things on the board as opposed to other, more engaging activities in addition.“It is my opinion that a law enforcement class should be taught using a variety of teaching methods, such as lecture using google slides, handouts on specific topics, class discussions, and practical exercises,” said Nunn.


Just by taking one step in the door of the classroom you can see what a difference Nunn’s arrival has made. There are students looking down at the work in front of them or listening intently at what Nunn has to say. You can tell that Nunn is passionate about what she teaches and wants to see her students succeed. “She is very passionate and she really pushes us to learn about all the stuff we haven’t yet,” said Paul.


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