Stress Subsides as AP Tests are Wrapped Up


Molly Shannon

Students study for their college board exams by either buying their own textbooks or using the books their teachers provided.

Molly Shannon, Junior Creative Editor

Times up, AP tests are done.

After two weeks of AP testing across the nation and students studying for months on end they can finally relax.

Teachers spent weeks preparing for their students to take the exams by providing them with mock exams and reviews. Students approached preparing for their exams in different ways that were beneficial to them. Now that the tests are over with across the nation students can finally begin to relax.

Junior Olivia Armstrong took four exams for AP U.S. History, AP statistics, AP physics, and AP language. Each of her teachers for these classes spent weeks leading up to the exam reviewing for the exam by taking mock exams, doing study guides and reviewing the most challenging topics.

“All of these classes spent weeks leading up to the exam reviewing in class and I mostly relied on that. I also watched a lot of videos on YouTube over specific topics and did study guides,” said Armstrong.

Armstrong primarily relied on reviewing in class for the exams but she also watched Youtube videos over specific topics as well as completing study guides. She believes that the way she prepared for the tests was beneficial for her and helped her gain a general understanding of what each subject was about. Sophomore, Shane Martin, took the AP European History exam and to prepare he looked over the notes he had taken over the year and reread the material his teacher provided him with. Although the majority of students believed their hard work paid off they still plan on trying to better educate themselves on the topics for their AP exams in the future.

“In order to improve with my study skills, I would begin to pay more attention during lectures, writing more in-depth notes, pay more attention to the videos as well as take notes, and read extra material. I would also emphasize completing all of my homework to the best of my capability, therefore, I would receive a better grasp on the material,” said Martin.

After months of students stressing and preparing and teachers cramming in content for the exams, a wave of relief has been shown. “I think I stress myself out a lot more than I need to and study like it’ll be the hardest test I ever take… So glad a year of hard work paid off and I’m very eager to see my scores come July,” said Armstrong.

AP scores won’t be available for students and teachers to see until July 2019.