2019 Student Awards Ceremony


Guidance Counselor Dana Steinmetz announces awards for academic achievement.

Lilly Whitley, On Call editor

Give effort, receive honor.

Today, select students were recognized for excelling academically.

Families were invited to watch their child receive recognition for their hard work this year. Students were recognized for academic achievement in grades or a specific subject. Each year, this ceremony serves as a thank you to students who go above and beyond at school.

Awards were first given out to students with a 4.0 or above GPA. They were given a certificate of honor for their academic achievement. Next, attendance awards were announced. Three students in the entire school haven’t missed a single day of high school. Students accepted into the prestigious Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) were also recognized.

Academic awards were presented to students who were outstanding in a specific subject. “At the award ceremony, I got the award for Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Composition and I was so over the moon about it. I have worked so hard in class this year pushing myself as a writer and reader to produce great work. Knowing Mr. Craven saw that and recommended me for it makes me so happy. Every second of the class was worth it,” said junior, Olivia Armstrong.

Overall, today’s ceremony was a great opportunity for students to receive credit for their hard work.