Bullitt East Selected By ESPN As Top Five Unified School


Kelsey Baker, Calendar Coordinator

Bullitt East rises up the ranks.

Bullitt East has been selected as a top-five school for their strides to further the “Inclusion Revolution”.

After the school was included in the ESPN Honor Roll and was the third to receive National Banner Recognition, they were entered into the running for the top five. It was released Friday, Sep. 6, that Bullitt East was selected, meaning their banner will be featured and a special event will be covered by ESPN. The Project Unify leadership team and teachers are working with our community and amongst themselves to coordinate the event.

Bullitt East has qualified as an Honor Roll school for over three years, and for the first time in the school’s history, they were selected to receive further national recognition. Unified Championship schools is a program for schools that promotes social inclusion to create more accepting school environments for each and every student. They felt Bullitt East showcased exemplary accomplishment of the ten standards they have set. 

“That has always been the goal, to be one of the top five that ESPN picked and to be the number one school that they chose was just icing on the cake,” said Instructional Assistant, Katie Harod .

To celebrate this accomplishment, the school will be hosting a celebratory event for the whole school. The date is not confirmed but is currently set to take place Oct. 30. Many members of our community such as the mayor, city council, board of education members, district staff, and Project Unify members are attending. Bullitt East is also planning to get in touch with the University of Louisville as well as the University of Kentucky because they both have a unified school program, and also to see if any of their coaches or staff would like to attend. 

Although no concrete plans have been set, the leadership team and others have already been brainstorming ideas for the agenda. Throughout the process, the various students take the main stage and control, the teachers are there to assist along the way. ESPN will be in attendance and broadcasting parts of the event.  

“There have been talks of maybe a basketball game, especially because ESPN is coming. There has been some talk of some different people coming into speak. Really it’s just a grand celebration of Bullitt East and how we support inclusion,” says Flex Teacher, Tiffany Darnell.