YMCA Temporay Shut Down Leaves Students Without Pay


Abi Huffman, Buisness Editor

COVID-19 locks down Bullitt County.

The coronavirus has resulted in many schools and businesses closing across the county.

The YMCA has temporarily closed all of its child care operations in Bullitt and Jefferson County amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. This closing has resulted in many staff members being out of a job without pay. 

Earlier this week public health officials signal for Bullitt County Public Schools to close its doors because of the coronavirus. As a result, effective Monday, March 16, the following YMCA of Greater Louisville branches will temporarily close for two weeks: Clark County, Bullitt County, Chestnut Street, Middletown, Oldham County, Southeast, and Southwest.

This executive decision has left many workers out of a job including many students who now no longer have a steady income. Senior Brent Hiemer works at the Old Mill Elementary School location. “Not having a steady income is definitely changing how I budget myself. Luckily, I have enough from my last paycheck to cover bills and other expenses I have to pay while we are laid off,” said Hiemer. 

Many staffers are left scrambling as they were unexpectedly instructed to apply for unemployment starting on March 17. Senior Cole Stewart works at the Crossroads and Mt. Washington Elementary School locations. “As far as I know the YMCA staff won’t be seeing any sort of compensation for our time off but from what I understand the governor plans on giving a percentage of pay to those who are unemployed due to recent events,” said Stewart. 

Hiemer and Stewart are two staffers that have been directly affected by the closing of the YMCA. As both know the temporary shut down was the best option for this particular epidemic, they are hoping the YMCA will reopen as a safe and healthy environment for children and other staffers soon.