NTI Learning Extended Even Longer


Graphic made by Katie Huffman

Morgan Harbolt, Executive Editor

Kentucky schools will continue to be traditionally closed due to Gov. Andy Beshear’s request.

Thursday, April 2 Gov. Beshear made his statement that all Kentucky schools will not have in-person school days until after Friday, May 1 during his daily COVID-19 update. This means that Bullitt County Public Schools will continue to do the Non-Traditional Instructional school days where students stay safe at home and do their school work.

Gov. Beshear said during the update, “Earlier today I recommended to our public school superintendent, as well as a number of private school jumped on as well, that we extend the policy of no in-person instruction through at least the end of Friday, May 1.” This is a result of the whitehouse’s statement saying that quarantine should stay in place until April 30.

Superintendent Jesse Bacon posted to his social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, “At the request of Governor Andy Beshear, BCPS will continue to utilize our NTI program through Friday, May 1. Please continue to stay #HealthyatHome Bullitt County.”

Here is the post: