Seniors Thoughts On Covid 19 Ending Their Final Year Of Highschool Early


The empty school parking, where many seniors left on March 13 and couldn’t return until their drive by.

Ella Olds, Magazine Editor

March 13.

The last day of high school for the class of 2020.

Covid 19 took away the seniors’ final months of high school and many are torn by this fact. They won’t get to celebrate each other’s accomplishments by walking the line in graduation or participate in their senior dances, or at least not when they were scheduled to. Some have ideas on how to bring the senior class together one last time.

Being a senior means that you are celebrating your last year of high school, with a pandemic taking that away it is hard for most. Senior Cameron Waddle never thought this day would come. “My first reaction when I heard the news was me just sitting there, letting all the memories of the 12 years of school go through my mind, and also thinking about all the senior things my class doesn’t get,” said Waddle. 

Brianna Tipton wasn’t surprised when she heard the news about not being in school the rest of the year but was still as upset as others. “When this all happened I thought surely we wouldn’t be out of school for the rest of the year, but then it all started dragging out and now it’s heartbreaking we will never return to east as a student. It’s sad that we won’t get all the little activities that we were supposed to get,” said Tipton. 

The board of education is working hard toward giving the seniors a graduation. As of right now, if means allow it they will have graduation on Saturday, Oct. 3 at a select venue. Most seniors are okay with this, they just want some way to be able to attend a graduation. 

“I feel like graduation should happen. They have got to find a way to make it happen for us. Whether it be in October like they’ve planned or let us walk across a stage while livestreaming it for our families and then mailing us our diplomas,” said Tipton.

The school also put together a senior “drive by” in remembrance of all the seniors so they could have their last moment at Bullitt East. A local radio station got the teachers together to say their goodbyes so the seniors could listen while driving around the school, waving to teachers and to see their football field lit up on last time. To also congratulate the senior spring sports that didn’t get to play because of the virus they hung up the baseball jerseys on the baseball field for the seniors to see. For softball, the coach said one last goodbye with a sign by the field.