Sophomore Mudd Has Over 18 Pets


This is a picture of Brandon Mudd’s Kenyan Sand Boa.

Emily Richardson, Staff Writer

18 pets and counting.

Sophomore Brandon Mudd has always had a love for very diverse animals. 

Since he was young, Mudd has always had an interest in animals. Over time, he found the importance of doing research before taking an animal in as a pet. He is already looking into the future for a career that coincides with his love of animals. 

“I have always been interested in studying animals and their behaviors since I was a kid,” Mudd said. As a kid he used to go see animals that could be pets, but the average person doesn’t have them. He was always interested in the pets that were more rare to have. Currently, Mudd has a Kenyan Sand Boa, a South American Horned Frog, an American Toad, a Grey Tree Frog, a Bearded Dragon, a Crested Gecko, a Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus regius), six different species of tarantulas, an Arizona Bark Scorpion Communal (Centruroides sculpturatus), a Dubia Roach Colony, a Dwarf White Isopod Colony, two Springtail Colonies, a Mealworm Colony, and three rats. He plans on getting many more animals in the near future. 

Mudd found his interest in animals over the years by doing research. “I spend at least a few months researching an animal before I decide to get one,” Mudd said.  He does this to understand how to properly take care of the animals. After spending time learning what they need, he spends time researching the specific animal’s traits. He tries to learn how to use his body language to help read what that animal’s needs are. This is so he can have a form of communication with his animals, and for their safety. 

“I would like to have a career in animal education. I want to work hands on with animals and people and get people who are uneducated or afraid of certain animals and get them to understand why that animal is the way it is and allow them to have a hands on experience with that specific type of animal,” Mudd said. After a lot of research and finding his passion for animals, Mudd has already decided what he plans to do once he graduates at Proper High School. He plans to attend college at the University of Texas to pursue his masters degree in either Biology Ecology or Zoology.