Among Us: Taking Over Teen Gaming


Ella Olds

The among us homescreen, featuring the outer space setting and the characters from the game.

Ella Olds

A new day, a new game.

Among Us is a game that was available to the public in 2018 but has just recently gained popularity throughout most teenagers. 

Among Us was published by American game studio, InnerSloth, and released June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space setting where out of a group of ten players, two are imposters and the rest are crewmates. Crewmates have tasks to complete such as downloading files, connecting wires, fueling the spaceship engines and more while not trying to be killed by the Imposters. On the other hand, Imposters are there to take out the crewmates and have the special ability to use the vents to travel throughout the ship. Every time a dead player is found and reported, the team votes on who the Imposter is to try and kick them out so the crewmates can be declared the winner. If the imposters take out all of the crewmates, they are declared the winners.

This game has an online platform like most games where you can play with anybody who is currently on the app. It is free on the app store but is five  dollars on PC. On both platforms, you can customize your games to have four-ten players and pick your setting out of The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Polus. You can also choose how many Imposters your game has, up to three. As a player, you can customize your color, your hat and your name. 

Freshman Kylie Huber really likes Among Us and believes it is a fun way to pass time. “I decided to download it after a lot of kids started playing it during lunch and just whenever my friends want to play or when I’m really bored. I think the game is so popular because it allows you to play with friends/make your own games and it’s just a different kind of game. My favorite part of this game is you never know who the imposter is and you have to kind of think and even convince people it’s not you,” Huber said.

Sophomore Katie Olds couldn’t decide if she liked the game or not when she first downloaded it to her phone. “When I first downloaded it I couldn’t really figure it out and that made me not want to play anymore. But once I figured it out it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was and now I play all the time in my spare time. I would recommend this game to others because it’s fun and each game is pretty quick if you’re looking for a five minute distraction,” Olds said.

Even though some people have different first reactions to the game, overall, many enjoy hopping onto a game of Among Us and playing with other players or with their friends.