Comfortable In Your Own Clothes


Katelyn Powers, Mina Austin, Brooklyn Phillips

From left to right, Klaire Hourigan, Ellen Bray, Mina Austin, and Audrey Stepp wearing different styles of clothing. These students choose to show their personality through their clothes. “I just don’t feel right if I don’t leave the house in something over the top. I have to be that one person,” freshman Mina Austin said.

Katelyn Powers and Chloe Radford

Project: School Runway.

The first few weeks of school were a fashion show for many people.

With the pandemic, people were stuck at home with much to do. This quarantine led many people to develop new styles with all their free time. Many students were more comfortable and eager to show their new styles off, especially those who were online the past year.

“I feel better when I wear the type of clothes I like to wear,” freshman Audrey Stepp said.

Stepp started developing her early 2000’s and 1990’s fashion sense in sixth grade. She didn’t necessarily discover her style in quarantine, but she felt she gained more confidence in her style during this time. Her friends like her outfits and have similar styles. “I do usually get a lot of compliments on my outfits, which is really nice,” Stepp said when asked about getting treated differently because of her style.

Junior Ellen Bray, has a similar Y2K style. “I felt kind of weird because I didn’t really have a style. So, I would just kind of just wear whatever, and it mainly just be like T-shirts, just plain T-shirts. And then I got more comfortable during quarantine. I was able to find myself more. I was on Pinterest a lot and I started seeing some really cool outfits and I wanted to try them out and I really liked them.” Bray said.

Personality can be seen through the way someone dresses. Clothes seem to bring out the best in people. It can tell you so much about a person with just a look. Take freshman Mina Austin for example. She is a prime example of confidence and pride. When you walk down the hall and see the purple hair, tall shoes, clothes that flow, and hear the sound of the jewelry bouncing around, it’s got to be Mina. ¨I’d say it’s like mallgoth with wannabe lolita. But, I would definitely call it mallgoth,” Austin said when asked about what her style was classified as.

It is so rare to see a big variety of fashion, especially in a small town in Kentucky. But confidence is the key to achieve goals. Mina uses her fashion and style to express herself. The side that is self-representation. ¨I just don’t feel right if I don’t leave the house in something over the top. I have to be that one person¨  Austin said. ¨Oh yes, Jasmine Bean really inspires it. A lot of people call me a witch but I don’t mind.¨ Austin said.

 ¨Probably when quarantine started. I guess clothing just came into trend. It was all over my TikTok feed and I just got into it. ¨ Junior Klaire Hourigan said when asked about when her fashion sense developed. COVID-19 definitely has had an impact on style for almost everyone. Hourigan used her time and developed this style and aesthetic of her own. ¨I don’t know, I just pick and choose what I like from different pieces. There are days when I’m like, I don’t care, and I just put the first thing on that I see on. But other days when I actually try I feel ten times more confident.¨ Hourigan said. Clothes are meant to make people confident and prideful in the way they come off. No matter what style you have, it serves the same purpose.

Fashion is in everyone, but one must truly embrace their style to gain full confidence in who they are.