“Devious Licks” Causing a Ruckus In Schools

Kyla Combs, Staff Writer

 The newest “Devious Lick” Trend is taking over social media causing a storm to occur in many schools. 

If you aren’t aware of what a “devious lick” is, it is when a student steals something from the school, like soap dispensers, hand sanitizer bottles, and light bulbs, videoing it, calling it a “devious lick.”

The viral tiktok trend has gotten way too far out of hand. Not only does this trend cause a huge distraction, but it also causes a lack of trust between students and teachers. Teachers especially have strong reactions to this trend.

 “There are quite a few emotions I have about the devious licks challenge. It makes me really sad because I’ve never worried about students stealing from me before,” Teacher Sarah Akridge said. Many teachers can agree with Akridge. Teachers should not have to worry about students stealing things from them. Trust plays a huge role in school. If our teachers can’t trust us, we can’t have all the freedom and privileges that we have now.

Not only are teachers tired of this, but so are many students.

“It started off as a fun joke but turned into a bigger deal when people started causing problems for administration such as the janitors at our school.” sophomore Kami Ford said. Many students can agree with Ford. It was all fun in games when it first started, but it got out of hand fast. Especially when someone tried to steal a stall door out of the CCC bathrooms. This caused the bathrooms to shut down, and it affected many students’ day.

   This challenge is affecting our school in many different ways. Overall, this is a destruction of school property, especially when it comes to stealing things like soap dispensers and teachers materials. And what some students don’t realize is that they are destroying their own materials that they have put money towards. 

 “I think this definitely impacts the school in a negative way.  Students at Bullitt East have always had more leeway and freedom than many other schools. If this keeps happening, more rules will have to be applied,” Akridge said. We need to put a stop to this before our freedoms get taken away, and more strict rules are applied. No one wants more rules than we already have.

There’s not much we can do to stop this issue unless more rules are enforced. “I am not sure what the school can do to stop the issue. I hope they are able to stop the issue without having to place restrictions on the whole student body.” Ford said. Many students already disagree with the rules, so we don’t need any more restrictions than we already have.

Students have also been stepping up and stopping their peers from stealing things, which is what needs to happen more. “I have heard multiple stories about students being stopped by peers from taking items.” Akridge says. 

Overall, these “Devious licks” need to stop. Students and teachers are tired of this and the effect it is having on our school.