Starting Fresh


The latest freshman class walks through the halls of their new school. Freshman orientation happened on August 2. “I think I can accomplish new things and meet new people, so I think I can get pretty far,” freshman Kayliana Fahey said. Photo credits: Milana Ilickovic

Milana Ilickovic and Audrey Stepp

I’m starting with the freshman in the mirror.

Incoming freshmen are starting their year from scratch while getting to know their new school at freshman orientation.

Many first-year students attending this year are excited about all the new opportunities that being in high school entails. They have been observing new things in the transition from middle to high school. There are many differences between their previous middle schools and what awaits them in high school.

Excitement floods the halls as new students make their way into the new school year. “I think I can accomplish new things and meet new people, so I think I can get pretty far,” freshman Kayliana Fahey said. The start of a new school year offers new experiences. “I am most excited for the new activities in high school and learning new things,” Fahey said. Upcoming opportunities to engage in activities allow students to explore their talents. “I’m really excited about new sports and games, like football. And just different things this school year,” freshman Kayleigh Davis said. Going into high school is like a breath of fresh air, being exposed to new normalcies and new things to look forward to. Finding the right path in your high school interests is important, but finding who you are is just as special.

Many are hopeful of growth and self-discovery by the end of this year, “I think I need to just change for me, better for me, so I get better in my classes better at studying,” freshman Olivia McGuire said. In learning more about yourself, the best form of self-expression at school is joining the clubs and sports best for you. “I’m trying to get in track…maybe volleyball or some clubs, but I play more on sports,” McGuire said. The most enjoyed activities by students involve hanging out and bonding with peers. “Making new friends and like finding people in my classes, I think that’s really fun,” McGuire said. Friendships are made each day at the school, it is easy to tell that the new freshmen can’t wait to meet new people and build strong relationships.

With the comfort and ease of making friends in the new year, there are also aspects that can make a new class unsure or nervous. New students this year notice some changes from their past schools. “It’s a lot bigger, and there are so many people that you can talk to,” Fahey said. As well as the scenery, the people have changed too. “The teachers here are a lot more welcoming, a lot of independence,” Davis said. As students are new and coming in on a clean slate, soon enough these freshmen will get used to the high school environment and the people that surround them. 

Along with having to adjust to the surrounding of the school, students seem to be somewhat alarmed by such a sudden change in their lives. The jump from middle and high school can be frightening for newcomers. It is of considerable importance to those first attending. “It’s nerve-wracking, but I think I can accomplish it,” Fahey said. Since starting something new is always a little scary, having strong confidence and goals are essential and helpful to own. “I want to make sure my grades are good and just focus on school,” Davis said. Incoming ninth graders are just settling in with the distinction between schools. 

The difference between high school and middle school becomes less scary as time passes by, and one of the larger focuses for students becomes classes and the work involved. “It’s easy to get used to,” McGuire said. Another thing freshmen seemed to worry about was their AP courses and advanced classes. “I have a lot of AP and honor classes, I’m in CFT 105, Honors English, Honors Algebra, AP Human Geo, just all the work,” McGuire said. Despite the worries and confusions that’ll soon be resolved, this class of 2026 is excited and ready to start the upcoming year off on the right foot.