Paul vs. Booker


Charles Booker Campaign

Democratic nominee Charles Booker sits for an anticipated debate with Senator Paul. Senator Paul was absent from the debate and received criticism from opposing sides.

Cameron Brown, Staff Writer

Bluegrass division.

With less than a month until the 2022 Kentucky Senator Election, both parties gear up to take control of a key senatorial spot in Kentucky. Democratic nominee Charles Booker and Republican incumbent Senator Rand Paul are both fighting for control in 1 of 2 senator spots. The recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has motivated Kentucky voters to vote in historic numbers from past years. 

Since being elected to his position in 2010, Rand Paul has remained a prominent figure in state and national politics. Gaining a foothold in the Republican Party and receiving criticism from not only his opposition but fellow Republicans as well. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has accused Senator Paul of “treason” for his role in the January capital riots. While Charles Booker has been praised and endorsed by numerous democratic candidates for his spearheading of the Breonna Taylor protests in Louisville and surrounding areas.

For both candidates, voter turnout is a key factor in winning and both parties plan to ramp up ads in the coming weeks before Election Day. According to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Sen. Gary Peters, Democrats in D.C. are focused on other senatorial races. Lack of funding may prove to be the downfall for Booker as Senator Paul has out-fundraised him 9-1. With earnings at $9 million for Paul compared to a measly $900,000 for Booker.

Booker’s involvement in political topics such as the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests gave him the spotlight to secure the Democratic nomination. But some worry that this won’t be enough to fuel voters to turn out on November 8th. “I certainly hope that other democrats turn out as I do. I have strong faith in Booker and I think that he has a good shot to win. We just need to show up at the polling places.” Deborah White, a lifelong democratic voter and strong supporter of Charles Booker said. 

Election day is Nov. 8, voters can go to Vote.Org to find their nearest polling place and needed documents for Election Day.