Amendment 2 Should Not Pass


Brandon Mudd

People all across the state are putting up signs both in protest like shown above, and in support of Amendment 2.

Brandon Mudd, Calendar Coordinator

Here comes the moon. 

Kentucky is about to enter a dark state in its history if Amendment 2 is passed. 

The state of Kentucky will make an important decision this November. An amendment to the state’s constitution has been proposed, which would completely eliminate the option for a constitutionally protected abortion in the state ever again. This is a gross overstep of the government’s power and a dangerous line to cross for the many people capable of pregnancy in the state. 

Roe v. Wade was a landmark decision in more ways than most Americans realized. It truly affected the way modern law was interpreted and set precedents in legal cases for years after it occurred. In a now, post-Roe world, members of the Grand Old Party (GOP), otherwise known as the Republican Party, have pushed the powers of the government to its limits to try to keep the case from regaining validity. The case functioned not only as a method for abortion to be legally defended and ensured under the U.S. constitution, but as a liberal lens of constitutional interpretation, which for obvious reasons, is something the conservative party is against. 

The fight against Roe v. Wade is more than a fight against abortion but also a fight against liberal law analysis. Without Roe v. Wade, the methodology behind its original interpretation has been deemed as invalid, and most judges have a more difficult time validating liberal interpretations of cases without being able to reference the case. This is something that the GOP is very much aware of. The elimination of Roe v. Wade was a return to constitutional traditionalism and a leap away from the United States’s much needed modernist movement. 

The proposed amendment, named Amendment 2, states exactly as shown: to protect human life, nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion. The fate of this amendment will be in the hands of the Kentuckian people soon when it is voted on Nov. 8, Election Day. Proponents of the amendment argue that it isn’t a governmental overreach because it’s voted on by the people, and it doesn’t make abortions illegal, so if the people were to change their mind in the future, abortions could be reintroduced. 

However, this is a vast oversimplification of how the United States’ political system functions. Despite being voted on by the people, each and every person is voting on the issue, despite only a section of the population being affected by the resolution. Although it’s a taboo sentiment taught in history classes, democracy really can just be tyranny of the majority. To prevent someone from making a life changing and saving decision because of a personal opposition you have to the solution is inherently tyrannical, especially if it’s something that you have zero understanding of. 

America has always functioned as a dictatorship of the wealthy and their agenda under the guise of a representative democracy, and that has not changed. Once this decision is made, it will be nearly impossible to reverse it. Even if the people decide that this amendment is representative of their beliefs right now, if that were to change as society progresses, which it typically does, it would take years for a change to actually be made. That is why it’s crucial to treat this decision as final even if it is not. Due to the conservative super majority in the senate, the only way that abortions would be allowed back into the state of Kentucky would be through a case like Roe v. Wade, and this amendment would completely eliminate that option, essentially making the current abortion restrictions permanent. This amendment will ban abortion in Kentucky even if that’s not what it explicitly says it does. 

Unfortunately, due to the vast amount of voter suppression, gerrymandering and lack of diverse issue representation in the Democratic party, Kentucky is a very conservative state, and it’s likely that this amendment will pass. This is something that should be on everyone’s mind. The damage that this amendment will do is unfathomable. The wealthy, the ones who are passing this amendment, are able to leave and receive one wherever they please. This is a luxury that isn’t afforded to the working class. The majority of the people with forced unwanted pregnancies or medically compromised pregnancies, who are going to suffer, will be the lower working class. This is just another outlet for the wealthy to keep the lower class down in a time where class consciousness is on the rise, and leftist movements and ideologies are beginning to gain traction.